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By Booger926
4/05/2017 4:01 pm
First Round
Pick #11 – MLB William Shade (6’1’’ / 250) from Vanderbilt
Although Cincinnati has issues that needed to be address, and seems ok in LB depth, it was hard to pass on a complete defensive talent such as William “Made-in-a” Shade. He can pass rush as well as run defend. As a pass rusher, he has the speed, as well as the strength, to overstep a blocker. As a pass defender, he is comfortable in protecting a zone as well sticking to a TE going up the seam or a keying on RB coming out of the backfield. In addition, woe is to any receiver that likes coming across the middle or into his zone because he is going to deliver a hit. Only weakness he seems to process is being able to create fumbles. Will be a starter at possible all 3 LB positions.

Second Round
Pick # 45 – LG Neal Robinson (6’5” / 304) from Brigham Young
The team was extremely excited when Robinson was still available when it was their time to pick and quickly jumped at the chance to get this addition to their line. Although considered having B+ in strength by the coaches, his pass blocking ability as well as his agility over shadowed his weaknesses. Cincinnati is comfortable in all 3 of their QB’s and with the receivers they possess, it was more important to keep the QB upright so they can deliver the ball. Immediate starter at the position


By Authorccurrier
4/06/2017 10:57 am
First Round
Pick #27 - FS Scott Brinkman (5'11" / 206) from South Dakota
Washington, convinced that they could get no 1st round DL worth the investment, Washington made a splash trade, giving away their 1st rounder for FS Scott Brinkman from the Giants, 100/100 FS with a 20% chance of retiring after the season. The value of the trade will be determined by the number of years that Washington can squeeze out of Brinkman. As a result of the trade, stud FS Travis Alfano will be moving to #3 CB, giving the team 3 CBs with ratings of 80 or higher. If worse comes to worst, Washington has Brinkman just for one year, which shouldn't hurt, because most players were becoming FAs after this season, anyways.

Second Round
Pick #39 - Brett Luther, WR (5'11" / 198) from Michigan
Washington traded the 7th pick of round 2 for Brett Luther, a 2nd year, 23 year old WR from New England. Luther gained +5 to his future rating last year, and Author C. Currier, owner of Washington, expects that improvement to continue. Luther should prove invaluable to the team for the future.

Pick #59 - Stephan Dick, RDE (6'4" / 276) from Illinois
Washington traded away their other 2nd round pick, along with a 2nd rounder the following year, and Paul Tinker, the current LDE, for Stephan Dick. Stephan Dick is a 3rd year, and only 24 years old. He will immediately improve Washington's stop unit. He's improved by +8 to his future rating in one year, and that momentum is expected to carry.

In all, I think I overpaid a bit for Dick, but I would rate this draft as an A- so far.