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Los Angeles 2018

By ssid_27
4/10/2017 10:56 am
2018 Los Angeles Rams will have some new faces this year after losing C Hardin and QB Coach Kenneth Fabriz to retirement.
The team promoted LB Coach Benavides to QB coach to work with franchise quarterback Russell Ngo and his backup Tommy Nordman. We will see if it was an effective move as training camp nears. To fill the LB coach vacancy, the Rams hired young coach James Shepard to work with their relatively young LB unit. The Rams ranked 22nd in run defense last season allowing 144.7 yards per game. They will need to bring that number down if they are to have any success this season.
In the draft LA traded away '18 Round 1 pick 14 and round 3 along with 2020 round 2 picks to New England for 9 year veteran center Charles Gable. At 6'2" 281 lbs he is a bit small for his position but his discipline and experience far outweigh his size. He is a welcome addition to this offensive line. Last season starting C Bowen allowed 17 sacks in 10 starts and 14 games. He was never able to get into sync with the other linemen having hurt his knee in game 4 and his foot in game 14. In that same deal with the Patriots the Rams got veteran LT Joe Pickens. He is 50% likely to retire so the team is hoping to get some help from him before he trades in his shoulder pads and grabs his golf clubs. Last year with New England he started 14 and played every game allowing 9 sacks but only 2 penalties for 15 total yards.
In the second round the Rams got David Moss a LG out of Georgia he is 6'3" 314 lbs. He has excellent strength and intelligence. Hopefully he can get under the wing of either Gable or Pickens and learn just exactly what it takes to be a starter in this league.
Fourth round pick is Christopher Wilson a 5 foot 10 inch FB out of Boston College. He lacks speed, but he looks to be a good blocking back.
Fifth round LA selected Ivan Lalonde WLB a six foot 224 pound Penn St. product. He is hoping to have an impact on this defense.
Round Six CB John Stansbury 5'11" 196 has excellent tackling ability and can force some fumbles so we are looking forward to see what he can do.
The Rams picked up a few new free agents, and have goals of an above .500 season and possibly a playoff game this season. We will see what happens.

Re: Los Angeles 2018

By ssid_27
4/10/2017 9:23 pm
I meant to post this in "Team News" forum. I guess I pay no attention to details.