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Re: Week 8 Picks

By ssid_27
5/10/2017 1:38 pm
We're about half way through the season. I am 68-25 on my weekly football picks. The NFC, the East Division specifically are the top teams. With Dallas ranked 1 on the power rankings with Philadelphia at 2, and Washington at rank 5, they are a strong division. New Orleans and Atlanta from the South are ranked 3 & .
Kansas City from the AFC is the 6th ranked team in the league.

Detroit over Minnesota 0-1
Los Angeles over Chicago0-2
Miami over NY Jets1-2
Atlanta over Buffalo2-2
Dallas over Cleveland3-2
Seattle stays unbeaten over Houston4-2
Kansas City over Las Vegas Raiders5-2
Indy over LAA6-2
Jax over San Fran.7-2
Tennessee over AZ8-2
Philadelphia over Pittsburgh in the battle for the state of Pennsylvania9-2
Green Bay over NY Giants10-2
Denver over Cincinnati10-3
Baltimore over New England11-3
NO over Carolina 12-3
Washington over Tampa Bay13-3

Good Luck to everyone on their games tonight.

Looks like I missed picking the Bears to win, the Bengals to win, and Minnesota to win.
I am 81-28 on the season, it looks like I should spend a little more time game planning instead of this but I enjoy picking and it is kind of like scouting the teams.
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