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Most Talented All Around Player?

By ssid_27
5/14/2017 10:56 pm
In your own opinion, who is the most talented player in this league? Botkin from NE?

Re: Most Talented All Around Player?

By Halfneck35
5/15/2017 7:31 am
RB Held from Min

Re: Most Talented All Around Player?

By Booger926
5/15/2017 4:05 pm
ssid_27 wrote:
In your own opinion, who is the most talented player in this league? Botkin from NE?

WR Quayle from Cincinnati
In rookie season rushed for 851 yards with 5 TD's, caught 49 passes of 82 targets (66.7%) for 924 yards and 3 TD's. One kick return for 26 yards. 18 tackles with 2 forced fumbles. While playing 863 snaps (94% of offense).

But of course, I am biased.
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Re: Most Talented All Around Player?

By Authorccurrier
5/16/2017 11:25 am
Caesar's List of the League's Best:

1. SS Joseph Johnson, from New Orleans. Monster. It's sad to see a decline in production this season, but the combo of this and last season speak volumes as to his talent.

2. Henry Elmore, MLB, Denver. 84 career tackles, only allowed 32.3% of 65 targets to be completed, 9 knocked down passes, 5 INTs, and 4 sacks. If you want to talk about all-around talent, it's right here.

3. All of those young OL - Frank Fernandez, LT, Washington, Robert Stroud, LT, Miami, Timothy Lancaster, RT, Minnesota. They're going to be Trent Williams, Bob Kuechenberg, and Tim Irwin, respectively (if you don't know those guys... look 'em up!

4. Gregory Martin, WLB, Dallas. 95 tackles, 19 sacks, 3 knocked down passes, 2 INTs. He's not targeted much in the passing game, but he's only allowed 48.7% completions. He already has 12 sacks this season, and could be well on his way to the Pro Bowl. I just want to see some pass production this year. He was used a lot more in that respect last season, and he got 60+ tackles, 7 sacks, all 3 knocked down passes, and both INTs. He just needs to make the most of his passing-down opportunities over the next 6 games.

5. Joshua Held, RB, Minnesota and Nickolas Moore, RB, Kansas City. These guys, though. I loved how Held and Guy were used in the passing game against me this week. Way to take advantage of my young LB corps. Moore may be the most dynamic RB in league history - he just needs to prove it in the passing game. sub-50% isn't acceptable in my book.

6. George Hubert, QB, Washington. The league's all-time scorer is the league's all-time scorer. It doesn't help that his OL play has been awful his whole career (11th most sacks all-time, 3rd most hurries). And all of this is on top of his young age. He is also the only QB in the top-10 all-time in passing yards to have a 90+ career QB rating. On top of this, he is (as of right now) the only league MVP in league history. His #2 target his rookie year was a FB converted to WR. His other top target had a 52% catch rate. His #3 target missed half of the year. Of course I'm biased, but this guy has earned this spot.

Honorable mention: Lee Lee, TE for Tampa Bay, Keith Quayle, WR for Cincinnati