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Re: Week 11 Picks

By ssid_27
5/17/2017 5:17 pm
Los Angeles over San Francisco 1-0
Houston over Arizona2-0
Seattle over Tennessee3-0
Los Angeles Chargers over Buffalo4-0
Atlanta over Tampa Bay5-0
Minnesota over Detroit (looks to be a good game)6-0
New Orleans over Washington (Is Hubert ready to take this team to the next level?) If he wins this one, Yes!6-1
Miami gets back on track over Pittsburgh7-1
New York Jets over New England8-1
Cincinnati over Cleveland in a Buckeye State Battle8-2
New York Giants over Carolina8-3
Dallas over Philadelphia in an important NFC East battle of the big boys.9-3
Indianapolis over Baltimore to continue The Ravens tough luck season.10-3
Green Bay and their bowling ball of a RB bowls over Chicago11-3
Jacksonville gets back into the W column over Las Vegas Raiders11-4
Kansas City over Denver Can Denver go into a tough Kansas City environment and take both games from the Chiefs this year....12-4

Okay 95-46 for the season.....
There are some good games this week with playoff implications......some teams may also be eliminated from playoff eligibility.
107-50 for the season now. The games I picked wrong were Oakland, Washington, Cleveland, and Carolina.
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Re: Week 11 Picks

By Authorccurrier
5/18/2017 11:02 am
ssid_27 wrote:

New Orleans over Washington (Is Hubert ready to take this team to the next level?) If he wins this one, Yes!

Well, I won it. But I don't think it was Hubert. He missed some wide open receivers multiple times. Also, his most efficient receiver is Kenneth Price. How many times was Price targeted this week? Twice. Both times were in double coverage. He has now only been targeted 5 times in the last 3 games, despite being open many times. And it's not like Price is in some sort of slump. He just returned a kick for 100+ yards and a TD last week. Hubert is in a slump. Hopefully, he can pick up over the next 5 games to finish with 3,500+ yards and 28+ TDs. That's my plan, at least. Hopefully 6 TDs over 5 games is reasonable enough. I think the real stars on my team lately have been Sumo Gong and Rookie LB/DL Timothy Zimmerman. Zimmerman has earned the #1 DT job and this past game got 5 tackles (3 for a loss) and 5 sacks. He completely tore up New Orleans. RDE Mike Gearhart really came on during the game, as well. He managed 3 sacks. LDE Stephan Dick has been considered a bust by several beat writers after only getting 1 sack in 11 games, but he has hurried the QB many more times than that while leading all of the team's DL in tackles with 30+. My defense won this game. Is this a sign that Hubert is ready to take the team to the next level? No. Is it a sign that the defense is ready to take the team to the next level? I believe so. FS Scott Brinkman has been excellent, Travis Alfano has been superb in his transition to nickel, and SS Alejandro Murphy is just as consistent as ever. CB1 stud Freddy Batiste has 4 INTs and 6 pass breakups. CB2 Nathan Mota has been good, as well.

Re: Week 11 Picks

By ssid_27
5/18/2017 10:03 pm
Hey..what ever it takes. Just as long as the team wins games whoever wants to step up is welcome to do so...I was just taking a look at the rankings and you and NO switched spots with them going up on you????? Strange. Our conference is really tough.
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Re: Week 11 Picks

By pizzaddict
5/19/2017 9:05 am
The power rankings are messed up and don't really mean anything. In another league I started the season ranked something like 15 and play one of the top 5 teams. I beat that team 33-0 and I moved up 1 spot in the rankings and he moved down 2. Really? So the power rankings are saying I'm like 10 spots worse then the team I just beat by 33 points in the first game of the season? Heck, look at this league. My team is the #1 team in the AFC in terms of record, I've lost my 2 games by a combined 3 points and I'm in a division that currently has 3 of it's 4 teams in the playoffs, yet I'm ranked #11 in the power rankings? I'm not saying I'm the best team in the league or that I even have a great team, but are there really 10 teams that are better than mine right now?

They are fun to look at and talk about but I wish he would spend more time with the formulas to get it at least somewhat accurate.
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