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Re: Week 16

By ssid_27
5/29/2017 1:27 am
Okay, week 16. For those still able to win a championship, good job. For those who aren't, back to the drawing board. There are some huge games this week with Miami at New York. If the Jets win they win the division and Miami goes home if Jacksonville wins. If Miami wins the Jets only get in if Jacksonville loses.

In the NFC, Atlanta needs to beat Green Bay and their in. Lose and they are out. Washington needs to upset Dallas. I think that would put them in if Green Bay beats Atlanta.. Green Bay needs to beat Atlanta and have Washington lose. Atlanta needs to beat Green Bay, so they are in control of their own destiny.....(I think these are correct, their may be something I overlooked though).

New England over Buffalo0-1 Buffalo gets the upset win!
Las Vegas Raiders over Pittsburgh. The Raiders have found their offense late in the season. 0-2
Miami goes into New York and pulls it off....0-3
Seattle handles Carolina1-3
Los Angeles over San Fran. 2-3
Kansas City over Chicago3-3
Minnesota over Denver4-3
Houston beats Jax5-3
Tennessee beats Los Angeles Chargers5-4
Indy over Arizona6-4
Detroit over TB6-5
Philadelphia prevails over New Orleans6-6
Washington takes one in Big D. (if they are resting BOTH their RBs)6-7
Baltimore over Cleveland6-8
Cincinnati over New York7-8
Green Bay beats the Dome team Atlanta in the cold. 7-9

This should be an exciting week of football. It is my bowl game, against the computer owned San Francisco Niners. I want Ngo to contend for the passing title but I also want to see what backup Tommy Nordman can do starting a game so I don't know what i'm gonna do. Good Luck to all owners.
7-9 for the week, 151-86 for the season. Nice job Buffalo, Cleveland, Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta. Looks like the playoffs are all set, to those that are in, Good Luck. I hope all teams are relatively healthy and there is an exciting playoff season in League 83.
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Re: Week 16

By LO777
5/29/2017 2:32 pm
Nervous!! It's been a great season either way. All the best Green Bay! Let's hope it's a cracker

Re: Week 16

By Authorccurrier
5/30/2017 11:34 am
NOOOOO!!! Okay, my season is over. I missed the playoffs in a crushing defeat, finishing the season 10-6.

On the bright side, Hubert finished with a better season, statistically, than last season where he won MVP.

Hubba Hubba led the league in passing TDs with 36. He also increased his YPA figure from 8.14 to 8.41. He decreased his INT total to 15.
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Re: Week 16

By ssid_27
5/31/2017 9:54 am
I'm sure your pleased with him lowering his picks. I think he threw damn near half of them in one game. I don't remember who it was against but if you take that game out and look at his picks, it's probably less than 10. To be able to do that with the DB's he has to see week in and week out is impressive.

With my team, I am happy my Offensive line is improving and not letting Ngo get hit so much.

Re: Week 16

By Authorccurrier
5/31/2017 9:57 am
I think that when your team is more developed age-wise, your passing game will be practically impossible to stop. You already essentially have the Saints... you're just missing one more WR and a little more stability at OL.