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2nd Annual League Awards Voting!

By Authorccurrier
5/30/2017 6:53 pm
Voting closes after the Divisional Round.

Re: 2nd Annual League Awards Voting!

By Authorccurrier
6/03/2017 10:59 am
Okay, guys, I'm going to create a "Hall of Awards" in the League Help Forum, just so that it's easily findable for the owners.

Without further ado, here are the results for this year's league awards!

2018 League MVP: Gregory Wells, QB, Detroit Lions
Runner Up: Russell Ngo, QB, Los Angeles Rams, and Joshua Held, RB, Minnesota Vikings
Wells deserved it, thought I wouldn't have been surprised to see Ngo or Held win. Held had the most dominant season from an RB in league history, gaining the most yards from scrimmage in league history, also rushing for the most yards in a single game in league history (and second most scrimmage yards in a single game in league history, behind only Washington's Robert Billings). Ngo moved the ball more than any other player, and is rated top-3 all-time among the QBs thus far. He played very well, but ultimately, while Wells didn't do quite as much, Ngo is the Brees to Wells' Rodgers this year.

2018 Offensive Player of the Year: Hubba Hubba Hubert, QB, Washington Phoenix
Runner Up: Russell Ngo, QB, Los Angeles Rams
Hubba Hubba had the most passing touchdowns among all QBs this season, while also bumping up his efficiency from last year. He cut down his INT total, and a good portion of those INTs were thrown against Dallas, when Hubert was pressured all game. Ngo, as previously stated, is a great gunslinger who will carry his team or pull them down, both in the biggest clutch situations.

2018 Defensive Player of the Year: Shayne Roberts, CB, Dallas Cowboys
Runner Up: Patrick Dunaway, CB, Tampa Bay Buccanneers
Roberts, in Dallas' all-blitz scheme, was almost incessantly left on the island against opposing teams' #1 wideouts, but he played like he was freed up in double coverage. He managed 12 INTs, leading the league, and allowed only one out of every three passes in his direction to be completed. Dunaway, for the second year in a row, had a top-2 cornerback season. Expect him to be a major factor for the remainder of his career, and, if he keeps this up, and place in the league's Hall of Fame.

2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year: Curtis Franks, RB, Philadelphia Eagles
Runner Up: Emory Herman, RT, Houston Texans
Without bias, I will say that Herman had the best season of any rookie league-wide. In 14 starts, he allowed zero sacks, recovered a fumble, and, behind his run blocking, the Texans ran for over 3,000 yards on over 5 yards per carry. Given that he's not a skill position player, though, Franks won the OROY, and it wasn't completely undeserved. Franks had a quality season, rushing for 1500 yards on over 6 YPC, with 11 rushing TDs.

2018 Defensive Rookie of the Year: Timothy Zimmerman, DT, Washington Phoenix
Runner Up: Ira Page, CB, Jacksonville Jaguars
This was a bit of a strange year, in that many defensive rookies sat behind starters and didn't have huge impacts. Only two rookies qualified for defensive rookie of the year, and the winner was Zimmerman. In 6 starts (7 games), all in the middle-to-late part of the season, Zimmerman was absolutely dominant, finishing with 23 tackles and 15 sacks. He was on pace to lead the league in sacks (33), with those figures. Ira Page also had a nice season, allowing a sub-50% completion percentage for opposing QBs when throwing in his direction.

2018 Tyron Smith Tough As Lead Offensive Line: Minnesota Vikings
Runner Up: New York Jets
The Vikings has one of the best seasons from an offensive line in league history. They weren't as dominant in pass protection as the Jets, or as tough run-blocking as the Jaguars, but they were a very happy medium, giving up one of the lowest sack percentages in the league, blocking for second-most yards per carry, and blocking for their team to gain the most yards from scrimmage in the league. The Jets, for the second-straight season, were the league's best pass blockers, allowing only 2% of passing plays to end in sacks.

Most Productive Front Seven: Dallas Cowboys
Runner Up: Philadelphia Eagles
I expect this to continue, since the NFC East is probably the best division in the league. A 10-6 team in that division missed the playoffs (*sniffle). The Cowboys ran an all-blitz scheme, and while it may or may not have been ethical, it was very productive, resulting in the lowest yards per carry and one of the highest sack figures in league history. The Eagles beat the Cowboys in the playoffs, so there should be some consolation there.

D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award: Kenneth Price, WR, Washington Phoenix
Runner Up: William Ebner, RB, Houston Texans, and Darrin Witt, WR, Los Angeles Rams
A Washington wide receiver won for the second year in a row. Both of the players have been league leaders on special teams and TDs in their respective award years. Sounds like a recipe for success, to me. Price had one of the highest yards per touch figures in the league with over 23 yards per touch, a very high 12% touchdown rate, and 12 TDs, all of which added to the value of his 2,281 total yards. Ebner had a great year, with over 3,000 total yards. Witt was a dangerous pocketknife for LA.

2018 Coach of the Year Award: Patrick Ali, Dallas
Runner Up: Francis Rosales, Minnesota
Ali led the regular-season in record with 15-1. He also instigated a miraculous turnaround from last year's 4-12 Dallas Squad. Rosales, after a 1-4 start, engineered a comeback for his team to win 11 in a row and secure a playoff berth at the head of their division.

2018 Cheerleader of the Year Award: Kevin Bays, Fullback, Buffalo Bills
Runner Up: Curtis Jones, RB, Pittsburgh Steelrs, and Eugene Williams, QB, Los Angeles Chargers

Thank you guys for making this league so great!