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2018 Divisional Round

By ssid_27
6/02/2017 1:25 pm
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Indy beat Jacksonville twice this year, badly both times. 31-3, 38-17. They say 3rd time's a charm? I don't think so.. Indianapolis wins in convincing fashion.

Tennessee at Kansas City
Tennessee beat the reigning League Champions in Week 15 in Kansas City 44-23. Letson and Funderburk don't have the playoff experience that Kansas City has under their belts. The Chiefs are the Champions, until someone beats them in the playoffs. I take Kansas City.

Philadelphia at Dallas
The Eagles were the fiercest defense I saw this year with the Rams. Thank God I didn't have to play the Cowboys. Every thing that Philly does well, Dallas does better. Dallas beat them both times this year. For the Eagles to win, they would need a perfect game in every phase. No TO's, and shut down the dual RB's of Dallas. I don't think it will happen.......Dallas wins.

Seattle at New Orleans
The only time these teams have met was last season, game 1. Seattle has came a long way since then. Completing an amazing turnaround to go 13-3 and beat a good Atlanta team last week. It has taken it's toll on the Seahawks who have some injuries on both the OL and DL. The Saints however are relatively healthy. Some problems at LG on offense and CB problems on the defense that Seattle will have to exploit if they are to win tonight. I think the bumps and bruises on the Seattle side is too much to overcome when playing an excellent team like New Orleans. I take New Orleans Saints.

These games look to be interesting. On paper things look one way or another but that's just on paper. You gotta go out there and play the game and that's where the human factor comes in. Super strength, nerves, mistakes etc. makes every game anyone's game to win.

Re: 2018 Divisional Round

By Pernbronze
6/03/2017 4:28 pm
I gave it my best shot but it just wasn't enough, good game New Orleans.

Re: 2018 Divisional Round

By ssid_27
6/04/2017 8:04 pm
Looks like I underestimated Philadelphia! That was a good football game. I thought Dallas was gonna get a score at the end. Philadelphia was the best I played this year and that is a relief because if they were much better, we all would be in trouble..158-87.

Re: 2018 Divisional Round

By EJRue
6/06/2017 6:38 am
Pernbronze wrote:
I gave it my best shot but it just wasn't enough, good game New Orleans.

Seattle gave us all we could handle. Good game to you as well. Looks like your squad will only get better.

Good game Philly. My defense picked it up in the second half, but your defense shined the whole game and pretty much man-handled my offense. Much difference than the regular season finally. Good luck in the League Championship. Bring one home for the NFC.

Re: 2018 Divisional Round

By Authorccurrier
6/07/2017 9:35 am
EJRue wrote:

Bring one home for the NFC.

Sing it, Brother!