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Re: 2020 American Conference Pro Bowl Team

By ssid_27
10/25/2017 3:02 pm

Letson TEN All time passing yards leader. 5,759 yards, 36 TD.
McNeel CLE 66.2 % completions pct, 4,205 yards passing, 34 TD and only 3 picks. Amazing season for him and the Cleveland Browns.
Saylor KC 62% completions, 4,206 yards, 35 TD and only 5 picks! Another amazing season from the young KC quarterback.

Running Back

Schott NY 336/2125 rushing, 11TD, 26/300 through the air. This guy is the league #1 rusher for 2020 and he is the all time leader in yards.
Erickson PIT 307/2118 and he is the rushing touchdown leader with 19 TD.


Roth IND 6'1' 243 lbs. 10 receptions 130 yds, 1 TD, 21/77 rushing with 2 TD's. Good blocker as well.

Newsome OAK 6'4 257 Solid player, avoided injuries 1036 plays. 74/876 yds 3 TD.
Schreiner CLE 6'5 257 Jackson State 61/776 7 TD. Helped turn things around in Cleveland.

Maloney TEN 144/2,014 yards, 12 TD. This guy is fast, Letsons favorite target.
Douglas HOU Rookie WR is gonna be good for years to come. 103/1,999 yards. 15 TD.
Spivey NE 52/1430, 27.5 yards per catch. Dangerous player..11TD, 6'0 198 Illinois.
Salas JAX 6'1 199 Minnesota 74/1,306 13 TD's
Lee TEN 82/1,229 yards 12 TD. Another of Letson's favorite targets.
Perkins IND 89/1,497 yards, 9 TD. Not especially endowed with talent but gets it done for Indy.

Stroud MIA 6'3 312 1,397 plays in 16 games. A solid player taking on the leagues meanest pass rushers.
Ford NE 6'3 304 Virginia 1,383 plays. Day in and day out for New England.

Shaver MIA
Kenney NE

Moller TEN 6'1 283 Washington 1,386 plays in 16 games. The anchor in Tennesee's offensive line and helping Letson have some time to throw those deep balls.
Smith MIA 6'4 283 Other. 16 games, 1,344 plays. A solid middle man.

Lopez IND 6'4 312 Arizona St.
Bierman TEN 6'3 316 Hawaii

Vang TEN 6'5 319 Michigan 1,437 plays, played 16 games. Reliable and good.
Pugh PIT 6'5 312 UCLA

Culpepper KC 7/7 50+ That is security, lots of games are decided by what the kicker does.

Mackey CIN A good player on a bad team. :) 112 punts 24 placed inside the 20 yard line. 68 yards is his longest.

Johnson TEN 6'5 283 44 tackles, 12 sacks, 41 hurries, 2 interceptions. This guy does it all! Getting at opposing QB's is his bread and butter.
Austin CLE 6'3 276 L.I.V./C.W. Post. He helped in Cleveland's great season with 11 sacks, 32 tackles, 45 hurries.. Who let the dogs out?

Narron BUF 6'1 300 Pitt. 25 tackles, 11 sacks.
Garcia NE 6'3 306 Michigan Wolverines 22 tackles, 8 sacks, 1,381 plays. A solid job plugging up the middle for the Pats. He also gets into disrupting QB's.

Barrantine NE 6'4 276 50 tackles, 19 Sacks, 47 hurries. this guy out of Montana St. brings a bit of rustler to the Patriots DL and fear into opposing tackles eyes.
Smith IND 6'2 276 Oklahoma 12 sacks

Lane HOU 1,386 plays, 110 tackles, only 1 sack. He kept a lot of runs from breaking into the secondary for Houston this year.

Williams TEN
Mitchell CLE 6'0 245 Stanford 118 tackles, 1 sack, 2 interceptions, a solid 1,171 plays. This guy did a lot of tackling and a little bit of everything else.

Leonard BAL 6'0 257 A quick LB for Baltimore. 16 games, 1,383 plays, 126 tackles, 2 sacks, 12 hurries, 2 interceptions. A University of Missouri product.
Morales LA 5'11 219 Temple 67 tackles

Hughes BUF 59 tackles 28 knockdowns, 2 interceptions for Buffalo.
Long NY104 tackles, league leading 7 picks, one returned for 6, this guy really blossomed after being traded from the Los Angeles Rams to his new home in New York.
Thrasher OAK 6'2 191 USC One of my personal favorite players I have faced. He seems to be everywhere on the field and QB's need to use caution when they decide to test him. 79 tackles, 6 picks this season.
Briggs LA 6 picks, 70 tackles. This guy works with limited attribute points but comes up with big numbers. Los Angeles is getting the best and most from this player.

Patel TEN 136 tackles, 1 sack, and he played in all 16 games this season.
Roth HOU 6'0 207 USC 124 tackles, 2 int., 1,409 plays.

Reed NE
Travis IND 91 tackles, 1 sack, 2 int., 2 forced fumbles. This guy does a little of everything.

Howard NE 22 returns, 848 yards 3 TD's

Freda BAL

LDE Grosse BAL 6'3 276 Other College 53 tackles, 11 sacks, 42 hurries. Does a good job putting pressure on QB's and stops the run.
CB Reed NE 6'3 206 1,213 plays.
CB Marr BAL 74 tackles, 2 Interceptions. Came to Baltimore after winning a Championship with Indy as a high priced free agent. Has not taken his new team to the playoffs yet.
CB Schmidt HOU 5'10 191 University of Utah 89 tackles, 4 int., solid player. 1,340 plays.
OL Woodley DEN 6'4 312 Maryland
OL Gray DEN 6'3 315 Notre Dame

I am going to put some stats or the reason for their selection at a later time. I just wanted to get them posted before any playoff game. Every team is represented here. If anyone see's anything that should or shouldn't be on here, message the committee and we will get it fixed. It seems like the AFC put up bigger numbers this year.

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Re: 2020 American Conference Pro Bowl Team

By Sylvo3
10/26/2017 4:58 pm
I'll just state this in my conference post, but thank you for doing this! It's hard going through the stats and pulling guys out. I highly enjoy this and one thing I feel that makes this league good. Thank you!

Re: 2020 American Conference Pro Bowl Team

By ssid_27
10/26/2017 10:17 pm
Not a problem.....i've always loved stats...I think it comes from collecting baseball cards as a kid. We just need to get some Broncos in there. They seem to always be able to run the ball, get the defenses on their heels and out of gas...then kick a 60 something yard FG to win..!!!!!