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Preseason 2017

By Authorccurrier
1/31/2017 1:30 pm
Who's ready to place their teams head to head against each other in the preseason? I am! While the games don't really count, they can be crucial to all of our new franchises in figuring out where our teams stand and what we need to do to become the best of the best. It will also help in discovering identity. All in all, it should be great!

Re: Preseason 2017

By Authorccurrier
2/01/2017 12:39 pm
Well, I just lost... My #1 QB went 3 for 11, with a touchdown and an INT. He was the first QB off the board in the allocation draft. The irony. Meanwhile, my third string QB was my team's leading rusher and my second string QB brought a near-comeback into fruition. My 7th string WR had a big game, showing his 100 speed and 97 ball carry ratings. He's fine, but he can't catch, unless he's getting crowded, in which case, his 92 pass rec courage will be useful. His 53 catch is bad, though. Luckily, I traded for a RB so I could move my former RB to WR, giving me a future 88 and future 87 WRs, with a 86 RB. I shipped one of my many linemen, so I didn't lose too much, and the trade should help Cleveland, too, netting them an extra pick in this year's draft, as well. My defense was crap, though. I'll have to go heavy on the defensive line sometime in the near future. Couldn't stop the run game at all, and my defensive backfield was really the only contributor. Looks like another Houston team with a great running game. I think there's something about the name that makes teams named Houston competent running the ball. Even in the actual NFL, Houston can run the ball, and they have a crap O-line! I think the only league I've been in where Houston hasn't been awesome running the ball is MFN-73, and I probably just haven't noticed them because I'm Los Angeles, leading the league in YPC for the second year.

GG, Houston.
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