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By ssid_27
8/08/2018 10:48 am
I don't know what happened here in 83. It used to be a lively league and full of owners. Now we're on the verge of losing the league. I guess with the coming of more private leagues, people have gone to those more? Or is it that Philadelphia and Kansas City are too good? This league has been a lot of fun, i'm most likely going to register for next season but I don't see it going much further than that.

The reason why I am posting this is just to let the owners in here that have been here from day 1 and some of the others that have stayed that Ive really had a lot of fun trying to build a team and compete with you.

Philly, just talented all around, Kansas City with Saylor and the killer deep ball, New England with the way they can just break runs and get you. Seattle especially when pernbronze was owner was unbeatable, Arizona, great QB and too many guys to cover, SF with the pass blitz and the lock down corners. Denver with the never quit mentality. Cleveland was awesome with the 2 backs they could pound the ball. Detroit piled up the yards. . Washington with Hubert. I could go on but I wont.

Re: League Participation

By vcr5150
8/08/2018 12:08 pm
It's kind of a catch 22 with this game - building and having a dynasty would be fun; but when there is a dynasty the league is only fun for 1 or 2 teams.

I look at other league's home page and see divisions with only 1 team that has an owner, then look at that team's history and see they've only lost 3 games the past 5 seasons - I know why that division is 3/4 empty.

Everybody wants to get their team in the upper echelon, but when the leagues get top heavy - it is tough to keep the bottom half occupied.

Re: League Participation

By ssid_27
8/08/2018 3:16 pm
That makes a lot of sense now that you say that. No one likes to lose, it's not fun.... but someone has to.

Re: League Participation

By Smirt211
8/09/2018 6:03 am
In League-77 I built a team that lost 2 games over the course of 4 seasons. (title game defeats) It was better for the overall health of the league that others slipped in and took me down than to have had 4 straight seasons, undefeated with the titles. Of course, I tried hard as f*ck to not lose any of them. lol

Expansion. It initially happened when it went to the 80s leagues and then private ones were added on top of it and boom...

what we have is a struggle to maintain leagues sub-80s due to what has been mentioned here and everyone flocking to private leagues since they are more apt to be filled and more competitive (filled divisions, chattering messageboard)

Re: League Participation

By Smirt211
8/21/2018 7:39 am
Sick game, MWD. I thought when I got that short pass with 20 secs to go I'd get one more play but then it ticked to 0.00 and I was like %$&*!!!

Good luck in the title game!

Re: League Participation

By ssid_27
8/21/2018 9:22 am
That AFC Championship game was an "Instant Classic"! Back and forth, fumbles, missed FG's, picks. What an exciting one to watch! Good Luck to Kansas City and Philly on another Title game.

Re: League Participation

By mwd65
8/21/2018 11:54 am
Thanks, Smirt!

We tried to give you the game in the 4th quarter. This was a pretty exciting game, and I give your team credit. Your QB didn't have the best game, but the Pats kept coming at us!

I'm hoping the Chiefs have 1 more game in them. I know that the team is getting old and this may be their last chance for quite a few years.

Good luck Brody! I hope the championship is a good game!