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Another question

By Booger926
2/24/2017 7:19 pm
Recently looked over my latest loss and noticed 6 defensive plays that were called against me during the game that are not in my playbook. This is 20% of a team's defensive game planning strategy based on 30 selected plays. And if 20% of a defensive game planning strat is not on the books, how am I to successfully gameplan my offensive strategy towards these playe in which I know nothing about. My question is, if I am to believe the understanding that all teams have equal access to the same plays, although some teams might not be as familiar to a certain play, how can this be? How can I prepare if 1/5th of my game planning is guessimate?

I am also acceptable to the belief that a certain style coach may have an influence on the plays called and would like more clarification if possible.

Although the games seems fun and entertaining, does seem like a lot of work. But no one ever said success was easy

Re: Another question

By mwd65
2/24/2017 8:54 pm
I am not certain about the answer and if I'm wrong please correct me, but I think you don't have the plays because it may be the opponents coach has a different style than your coach, which would give him a different (some) set of plays. I haven't seen this on defense yet, but there have been a couple of offensive plays in which my opponent has and I don't.

Here's another possibility. Make sure in gameplanning - offensive/defensive play selection that you don't have one of the drop down menus selected for a certain formation or personnel. It should be set to all plays to see everything you have.

Re: Another question

By Authorccurrier
2/27/2017 12:49 pm
Yeah, I'm not sure, either. I just roll with what my coach has to offer and slowly siphon through the plays until I find the ones that A) play to my team's personnel strengths, B) fit my style for this team, and C) are the most effective, in that order. For example, I love fullbacks, and think they can be huge mismatch weapons, even in this sim, (as is evident from my MFN-65 and MFN-73 teams) but my FB situation is abysmal in this league, so I don't use it more than the normal owner here.

Then, I took my style (which is obviously skewed to Washington/New Orleans real-life percentages in this league, mixed with a bit of Carolina big play) and selected the plays that fit it.

Finally, I got rid of all of those crappy 2 yard average offensive plays.

As for gameplanning, just gameplan for what you can, and you will still be able to win most games. Especially once you build a more complete roster and get the hang of playbooks.
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