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2017 MFN-83 ALL ROOKIE TEAM (Offense)

By Booger926
3/16/2017 4:35 pm
Quarterback (2)
George Hubert (Washington)
Jan Williams (Jacksonville)

Running Back (2)
Francis Erickson (Pittsburgh)
Tyler Newkirk (Dallas)

Fullback (1)
Christopher Brooks (Cleveland)

Tightends (2)
Walter Palumbo (Jacksonville)
Steven Spicer (Miami)

Keith Quayle (Cincinnati)
Thomas Simmons (Los Angeles)
Edward Buss (Tampa Bay)
Kenneth Price (Washington)

Scott Woodley (Denver)
Frank Fernandez (Washington)

Matthew Parr (Minnesota)
Robert Maldonado (Detroit)

Victor Murray (Jacksonville)
Robert Gutierrez (San Diego)

Lawrence Crum (Philidelphia)
Jeffrey Gregory (Miami)

Timothy Lancaster (Minnesota)
Kenny Aderholt (Los Angeles)

William Peacock (San Francisco)

Re: 2017 MFN-83 ALL ROOKIE TEAM (Offense)

By Authorccurrier
3/17/2017 1:40 pm
I'd like to make a request. While Kenneth Price was dynamite while he was healthy, I believe he made more of a special teams impact. He was 1st among all rookie in punt return average with 18.2 yards per return. He was also T-1st among all rookies (with my other rookie wideout) in PR TDs with 1. Could you add a Special Teams category and place him there, instead of WR? Instead, at WR, I have a different request. My rookie #1 WR, John Woolbright, finished with 14 TDs, tied for 1st among all PLAYERS (and 1st among all players), while also amassing 77 (2nd among all rookies) receptions for 1,170 yards (also 2nd among all rookies). All three of those numbers are greater than any of the wideouts on that list. Woolbright also improved from a 52/80 to a 73/91 rating-wise this season. I believe that his +21/+11 improvement is greater than any other rookie WR. If you don't count rating improvements, at least consider that he had more receptions, TDs, and receiving yards than any of the four WRs on your list.

I really do think it would be a good idea to add KR and PR to the list, like the real NFL does.