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By Booger926
3/18/2017 3:06 pm
After going 14-2
After Winning the division
After getting a 1st round bye
After securing Home field throughout the playoffs
After having the #1 Offense and a decent D

Why abandon the team just before the playoffs?

Re: WHY!!!!!

By Authorccurrier
3/18/2017 3:17 pm
Can't imagine. It doesn't really matter that he threw 35 interceptions; he led the league in passing yards by a huge margin! Nearly 2,000 more than me, and I was the next-highest! His RDE was the league sack leader. He was the clear favorite to win the League Championship. Now, if someone doesn't know how to win with crap QBs (rating-wise) like what San Francisco has, then that team will go from powerhouse to dumpster divers.

Re: WHY!!!!!

By absolut
3/22/2017 9:31 am
The user that was running san fran was completely inactive all season and didnt renew ownership. His regular season dominance was for the most part, luck i suppose.

Re: WHY!!!!!

By Authorccurrier
3/22/2017 10:57 am
Did his coaches have super high ratings, then?

Re: WHY!!!!!

By absolut
3/25/2017 6:47 am
not sure, i dont think he knows either. he just drafted set his gameplan preseason and went afk from the game completely.