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2017 Most Productive Front Seven

By Authorccurrier
3/22/2017 12:58 pm
The 2017 Most Productive Front Seven Award goes to... The Philadelphia Eagles! With 102 LB/DL sacks, 7 LB/DL passed defensed, 4 LB/DL INTs, and allowing only 2.4 YPC from opposing rushers, the Eagles were voted the most productive front seven in MFN-83!

In second place, the 49ers managed 86 sacks, 28 passes defensed, 8 INTs, and 4.0 YPC from opposing teams.

Finally, the Chiefs came in third place, putting opposing play-callers on their butts 70 times, knocking down 14 passes, getting 2 interceptions, and allowing only 3.0 YPC from opposing teams.

Congratulations to the Eagles, 49ers, and Chiefs!