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2017 D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award

By Authorccurrier
3/22/2017 1:24 pm
The D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award is an award given to the consensus most dangerous players in the league. The overall vote picks one player, and then the award is also given to the most dangerous RB and most dangerous WR in the league, according to the voting. This is in honor of DeSean Jackson, one of the NFL's most dangerous deep-threats for quite some times, and the player with the highest YPT (yards per touch) average among all active players.

The Overall Winner of the 2017 D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award is... John Woolbright, WR, Washington Phoenix! Woolbright is also the winner of the WR portion of the award! Charles Rodgers, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars, is the winner of the RB portion and placed second overall in the voting!

John Woolbright was drafted as a 52/80 rookie wideout, but he blossomed in his first campaign, improving to a 73/91 WR! At the start of the season, he played the part as the occasional vertical threat, flashing his speed on some deep throws as Kenneth Price, a fellow rookie, was the possession receiver on the Phoenix. When Price went down with an injury, Woolbright was asked to be the possession receiver, something that had been very much out of Woolbright's range until then. Even being the possession receiver that usually went out for 10 yard routes, Woolbright managed to show his elite explosion and speed, getting 15.2 yards per reception despite having an average depth of target of 9.8 yards (did this all manually; I was bored). He finished the season with 77 catches for 1,170 yards and a league-leading (tied with Shifty Shiflet) 14 TD receptions. He was also asked to be the KR/PR when Price was injured, and finished with a 17.4 PR average, and a PR TD, both of which finished in 1st among all rookies (besides Price, a fellow Washington WR who finished with a higher PR average and also 1 TD). He also had an average KR of 27 yards. He finished the season as the league's consensus Most Dangerous Player, with a 13.76% TD rate (percentage of touches that he converted into TDs), with 17.58 yards per touch, 1,916 total yards, and 15 touchdowns, with a long of 94 yards.

Charles Rodgers finished the season with a 4.28% TD rate, 7.07 yards per touch, 2,477 total yards, and 16 TDs, as the league's second leading rusher.

The two players who finished in the voting without an award, Frederick Schott, RB, New York/Jersey Jets, and John Stephenson (also known as J-Woke), WR, Kansas City Chiefs, finished with 6.25% TD rate, 5.24 YPT, 1,089 total yards, and 13 TDs; and 20.45% TD rate, 17.98 YPT, 791 total yards, and 9 touchdowns, respectively.

Congratulations to my fellow owners for your players' success!