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Los Angeles Blitzed by Philadelphia

By ssid_27
4/29/2017 10:43 pm
The Rams went back east to play the Eagles last game and were not able to handle the Eagles' bring everyone every down defensive scheme.
Philadelphia went up 29-0 before Los Angeles put up any points.
The Eagles offense put up 415 yards to LA having 261.
The Eagles had 13 sacks for 95 yards.
The Rams had 5 fumbles with 3 of them being turnovers.

"We need to find a way to get the ball out quickly because these defenses are aware of how we like to pass the football and are bringing pressure" said Head Coach Paul Tee.
Ngo was able to leave the field under his own power after the game but was not available for comment following the game.
He was seen boarding team jet and seemed to be in good spirits with his headphones on and what sounded like punk rock playing.
Back to Los Angeles with an extra day to prepare for the next ballgame.
As a fan, it is nice to remain optimistic and think that things HAVE to get better, but in this league things can go from bad to worse quickly.