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QB Battle

By Booger926
5/02/2017 6:59 pm
With the ankle injury of starting 3 year veteran QB Will Smith, which will sidelined him for the next upcoming 4 games, Cincinnati is now in a definite QB battle between their rookie QBs, Ronnie Mier and Daniel Ballard, as to who will be the future of the franchise.

Mier, (6'2" 220#) who is from out of Tennessee, has played in 3 games out of the first 4, starting 1. In his starting debut in game 3 in a 21-20 loss against Miami, he completed 64.9% of his pass attempts after going 24/37 for 377 yards with 2TDs against 1 Int for a QB rating of 105.35 will get the first starting nod from Head Coach Richard Atterbury.

Ballard, (6'1" 215#) who is out of Boston College, also has played in 3 games out of the first 4 while starting in 1. In his starting debut in a 13-6 winning attempt against interstate rival Cleveland, he completed 34.1% of his pass attempts after going 14/41 for 178 yards with 1 TD while throwing 3 INTs for a terrible QB Rating of 26.67.

Ballard, who is considered the better athlete of the two by the coaches, was upset with the announcement, but accepted the coaches decision due to the stats. "I know I am better than Meir and Smith, but I haven't earned the right to be the starter due to my stats to claim that starting spot. So, right now, I have to just sit back and possibly criticize the play selection knowing that I could have done better if given the chance.

Mier, when told he was getting the starting spot stated that he was extremely grateful to the coaches for giving him the opportunity to showcase his talents granted upon him by a higher spiritual force. He also stated that he knew if the coaches did not believe he could handle the job, then he would rather have not anyone except Ballard, who he said is more than qualified to be this team's leader, to replace him.

Head Coach Richard Atterbury stated that Cincinnati will adjust it's Offensive Gameplan to reflect each potential QB's strenths while exposing their opponents weaknesses.

Re: QB Battle

By Booger926
5/06/2017 3:18 pm
Controversy continues in the Cincinnati locker room after Daniel Ballard led the team to a 16-9 victory over Buffalo in game 6 of the season.
After kneeling for the final play of the game, Ballard sprinted over to the sidelines yelling at anyone and no one, "I told you idiots I could do it! I told ya!!"
Later, in the locker room, when asked by a reporter what did he mean, Ballard replied, "I'm undefeated as a starter. I'm 2-0. I won 2 of the 3 games this team has won. That's better than Smith, better than Mier. What's Smith, 0-2 this season? Loser!!!! (while holding up the "L" sign to his forehead.) And what's Opie Cunningham over there, referring to Rick Mier, 1-1 or as we say.....What's another word for average,...meh?"
When the reporter asked Ballard, who completed 16 of 30 attempts for 176 yards with 2 interceptions and a QB rating of 43.19 in the game against Buffalo, about his red zone offense, where he was 0-3 for TDs, he replied, "If Shultz hadn't dropped that pass in the end zone, if C Coble hadn't made that false start on 3rd down, and if FB Bly had made 1 more yard, I could of had easily 3 TD passes instead of 3 FG's."
"Besides, what difference does the stats make when the bottom line is the W's and L's. Every coach in the league KNOWS that his job depends on those W's. So far, I have been able to keep the Coaches' job this season by bringing the team to 500. For that, he should be thankful."
When the reporter in the locker room asked HC Richard Atterbury who would be his starter in the next game against New England, he replied with, "No Comment"