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Rams get a W

By ssid_27
5/13/2017 5:22 pm
Los Angeles played the Tennessee Titans last game and got some help from an unlikely source. Their ground game. RB Robert Gilbreath had 14 carries for 123 yards with a TD. He held on to the football also. RB Greene had 10 Carries for 24 yards and a TD. Russell Ngo had 3 runs for a total of 1 yard with a TD.

Ngo was outplayed by his counterpart, Letson who was 22/38 for 226 yards with 2 INT. Ngo was 17/28 for 225 yards and 1 INT.

The game was pretty even all around but the Rams were lucky enough and the "intangibles" went their way. The win brings LA to 3-6.
The Rams are in Houston next week to face the 5-4 Texans. LA will have their hands full with RB Edmer running the football and returning kicks.
On defense Houston has an outstanding secondary with 3 good CB and their FS and SS are highly rated. Ngo is going to require some good blocking by the OL or it could be a long game with a lot of sacks and/or interceptions.

"Even without a passing TD this last game, it was nice to see some signs of life out of this offense" said Paul Tee.