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Rams lock horns with Houston

By ssid_27
5/16/2017 11:04 am
The Rams were in Houston Texas last night and were beaten by the Texans 12-7." I guess we could use the old Lombardi quote and say we didn't lose the game, we just ran out of time". said Paul Tee.

The Rams gave up their 7th Safety of the season to start the game down 2-0. It came on what looked like a good thing turned bad. The Texans sat up for two field goals that were called back because of holding, taking them out of FG range. They had a real nice punt that stuck LA inside their own 5. That's how the safety was sat up. Then after LA punted off to Houston, they scored a TD. So bad luck came out of what looked like good for the Rams.

LA was held to only 150 yards offense, Ngo was picked twice. They sacked QB 7 times.
Back to the drawing board for Los Angeles.
San Francisco is on the schedule next. The Rams have yet to beat them in the history of this league.