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Re: True story about RB Joshua Held

By Ole_from_MN
5/23/2017 2:02 pm
Back when the initial league draft started, I missed out on a couple early picks (rounds 7 and 8 I think). Thus, those picks were auto selected based on the default computer generated list of players (because the players I added to the top of the list were gone). I recall the disappointment when I realized that, not only had I missed those picks, both selections ended up being RBs. Was really hoping for defensive players with those picks. Bummer.

Those RBs were Guy and Held. Guy was actually picked before Held. Ends up Guy isn't even in the same tier as Held.

Not sure what the rest of the season brings for this Vikings team, but it sure has been a pleasure watching Joshua Held play RB for us. We got lucky acquiring him.
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Re: True story about RB Joshua Held

By Booger926
5/23/2017 2:42 pm
Damn!!!!! all this time I was thinking you were going to start the story with, "This one time at band camp......."
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