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Rams fare well in the Desert

By ssid_27
5/28/2017 2:14 pm
Los Angeles spotted the Cardinals 10 points Friday night before exploding for 5 straight TD en route to a big win. It brought the Rams to 5-10. Coach Paul Tee said "We coulda been 10-5 if we had gotten the bounces our way, but that's the nature of football, the ball is not round so you can never tell what will happen in any situation."

LA had 512 total offensive yards. Russell Ngo was 25/44 for 459 yards, 4 TD, and one pick. Backup Tommy Nordman was 2/2 for 34 yards with a TD. Nordman has the highest QB rating in the league and that should help him as he is due for Free Agency or a new Ram contract. He has been more than adept as back up and if he wants to play here in that capacity, fine we want him. Nordman may have a starting QB job in mind somewhere else. We will have to follow that story as it progresses.

The Ram QB's were only sacked twice. A sharp decline from the history of this football team.
Ngo, when asked about it said "Those big fellas up front did a heck of a job, when we get back to Los Angeles id like to get them a steak or something to show my appreciation" Their work up front shows with a happy and healthy Ngo and a blowout win. The Rams finish up the season against San Francisco, who has some ownership problems but they have the talent and will be ready to play.