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Los Angeles Finishes Season Strong

By ssid_27
5/30/2017 7:36 pm
Los Angeles' rival San Francisco was in town last night. A shell of the team that they were last season but the 49ers none the less. The 51,604 in attendance were shown an offensive explosion by the Rams and a 47-0 blowout.

The Rams had 30 first downs, 677 total yards, Ngo finished off top in the league in passing with 5,369 yards, 28 TD and 15 INT.

The Los Angeles Team finished first in pass attempts per game, pass completions per game, and passing yards per game.

"It's tough that it was the last game, we could have played this way earlier" said Coach Paul Tee. "What I am proud of is that Offensive line over there, those big fellas are giving us something to build on". Tee was referring to the 2 sacks that were given up, a HUGe decline in what we have seen this season. If Ngo is given the time, the sky is the limit.

The Rams will be watching the playoffs this year but hope to be able to build on this last game of the season and contend for a Division Title, Conference Championship, and possibly League Championship.

It has been a great time covering these Rams this season, while coming in with not too many expectations, a couple breaks here and there we could be 9-7 or 10-6.

See you next season for Los Angeles Rams Football.