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Re: Rams Aquire David Moss' Little Brother Ali

By ssid_27
6/16/2017 2:15 pm
With the 11th overall pick the Rams took Ali Moss 6'3" 321 lb. Offensive Lineman out of the University of Georgia. That means that the Los Angeles offensive line has a pair of brothers. If Ali is asked to play LT, then the left side of the line could be a family affair.
"I am really happy to see Ali drafted by us, we have played together since Little League football and we can communicate and help each other out without even talking" said older brother David.
" I always thought of us playing pro football together, more in a QB, RB type situation but the reality of outgrowing those positions were realized long ago, like before Davids sophomore year in High School". said younger bro, Ali.
At the Moss house just outside of Atlanta, Moss' parents couldn't be happier Ali and David told mom and dad to just go ahead and renovate the house, any way they'd like. Mom can have that new spacious kitchen she has always wanted but couldn't afford and dad can finally get that sports car that he has had to postpone from his mid-life crisis until now.
The Rams are hoping the Moss brothers can keep their heads on straight, be professional and improve this already potent offense. The raw talent is there, is the maturity there?
That part of the story will soon become a reality, possibly football history, with the upside limitless and the downside limitless as well.
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