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Cleveland Browns on the rise

By Chiwaruchk
7/03/2017 1:38 pm
After 2 seasons finishing with a 5-11 W-L, the Cleveland Browns FO decided that it was time to be active during the preseason, focusing on a struggling offense.

The FA saw multiple signings :

  • LG Leon Jones (from the Titans) for $38M and a 6year contract to beef up an already good OL

  • WR Kenneth Carpenter (from the Falcons) for $41M and a 6year contract with the goal to make it an immediate impact player at a position of need

  • WR Aaron McKinney (from the Rams) for $18M and a 5year contract to improve the receiving corps

  • RB Mark Short (from the Seahawks) for $6M and a 6year contract to provide depth in the backfield

The first pick of the draft (6th overall) saw another WR signing to Cleveland: Aaron Turek, in the hopes of making him a future #1 receiver. QB Jerry Johnson was selected in the 2nd round, precipating the cut of QB George Williams. TE Robert Strange and WR Rudy Turney are the last newcomers, picks 6 and 7 having been released before the first preseason games.

After 3 preseason games, the impact of the recruiting strategy seems to be very good. 3 wins (48-19 against the Buccaneers, 45-37 at the Vikings, 29-3 against the Panthers), 122 pts scored (1st in the NFL).

The Browns are ready to show what they're made of.