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Rams Head To The Desert

By ssid_27
7/20/2017 4:55 pm
The Rams head east into arid Phoenix to play the Cards. Fresh off their 1st win of the season they are feeling optimistic about their chances there.

Arizona 2-4 have lost 2 straight and really haven't been able to get TD's although they have big yardage games. Swanson has only 8 TD's and Alexander has 3.
Arizona is giving up the most yards per game on defense with 547 per game, last in the league.

Los Angeles 1-5 has their offense playing okay despite nagging injuries to David Moss and Charles Gable. Ngo has only been sacked 21 times this season, I believe it to be down from past seasons.
The D has hardly been able to bring pressure and has been ran on quite a lot. But the secondary has been playing well.

The all time series between the two teams is 2-2. Each team is 1-1 @ home.
Should be a good football game tonight at Midnight.

Re: Rams Head To The Desert

By Otterpop
7/21/2017 4:53 pm
Nice Game.. :-)

Looks like this project I took on is going to take some time :-)

Have fun the rest of the season.

Re: Rams Head To The Desert

By ssid_27
7/22/2017 6:53 pm
Thanks. Good Luck to you as well the rest of the season. We will meet again this season..You have 3 excellent WR's, Swanson is good, and Billy Gilly on Defense. I would be pleased to see you get some wins vs Seattle and SF in the meantime! I'll be trying to do the same for you.
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