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2021 Draft Choices

By Booger926
11/11/2017 9:05 am
Round 1 - #1
After trading up for the first overall pick, Cincinnati was torn between QB Demetrius Quinonez out of Oklahoma State or DE Andrew Wynter out of Penn State.
An offer was made to Carolina, who had the #2 overall pick, before the draft which would flip flop #1 and #2......making my decision easier, but Carolina failed to get the proper paperwork into the league front office in time to execute the trade.
As much as I would liked to have been able to brag that "Wynter is Coming," I could not pass up the opportunity to improve the future of my QB situation. Although Cincinnati's starting QB Scott Andrews was effective, having passed for 3,600+ yards and 38 TDs the pass 2 seasons, he was mediocre to best. And with Division Leader's Cleveland's sudden Offensive Explosion, the obvious choice would be to try to slow down that game plan. But with Cincinnati having the 23rd overall Offense (14th Pass/29th Run), my team decided to go into a Offensive Race by breaking the Cardinal rule of Defense in the first round and chose Quinonez.

Round 1 - #15
This was my sleeper pick. When you have a premier league convented position, CB, with above EXTREME basic qualifications, you got to grab him before some one else does. CB Charles McClendon out of Cornell College was the fastest person in this years draft class. He is either going to bust or bloom due to his high volatility, but he is going to be able to run with the big boys

Re: 2021 Draft Choices

By Chiwaruchk
11/11/2017 4:20 pm
Welcome to the AFC North, Quinonez! You'll get to know Norman Austin pretty soon ^^