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Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
1/31/2018 10:31 am

We have some new players here in LA to try and get this team headed in the right direction after another losing season.

#17 Mark Trahan WR/KR Started out in Arizona then to Green Bay this WR has the skills to run back kicks. At least make the opposition make a play. In 2020 he had 5 return TD's and 1,073 yards. We're hoping he can do some of that here.

#56 John Higgins C 6'3 283 lbs. Kansas This C was with Baltimore 5 seasons. Playing nearly injury free. That's what we need here in LA, someone we can know will be ready to play, week in and week out.

#73 Sol Bryant RT 6'4 319 lbs. This big guy came over from Tampa Bay where he started for 5 seasons and looks to help solidify the Rams Offensive line. It seems like he is prone to get flagged a bit so lets hope that does not negate many offensive plays.

#67 Myles Schwartz 6'6 329 Nebraska This Rookie 2nd round pick is a huge man. Him having a good camp would be what the Rams need.

Punter Ryan Thompson Here is the new punter for the Rams.

DT David Lamont He is back in LA after being lost to the Lions for 3 seasons. We hope he can come back and give us some pass pressure and plug up the middle on runs.

LB John Kozlowski This journeyman LB has been with Miami, New Orleans, and Detroit a a good backup. He will most likely be in that role here.

The Rams drafted a trio of DB's this offseason.

#28 Dan Tucker 5'9 192 Florida State 6th Round
Trying to make this squad.

#47 Mike Cruz Defiance He would be a dark horse to make the team with his low tackle ratings. HIs punish rating is good and his blitz rating as well.

#40 Will Webster 6 foot 192 Other
5th rounder has some good skills and average speed. If he has a good camp, he would fit nicely into the system that the Rams have been trying to implement.

Well there are your new faces for the '22 Rams. We hope that these new additions can help them compete in the tough NFC West.
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Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/03/2018 10:30 pm

Ngo and his Rams were in the Big Apple to take on the Jets and barely got the W 28-27. With Ngo on the bench so he doesn't risk another broken leg like last season, Jager was injured as well. Ngo was told to keep the headset on and the shoulder pads off and the Ram offense made due with a revolving door of QB's.

The Ram defense was torched several time in the game and will need some work. The starting offensive and defensive units played pretty well.

Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/08/2018 6:40 pm

In what has become typical for the Rams......in pre season at least. They fell behind 24-3 but came back to pull off another miracle win. Now if only they could do it in the regular season. 38-34 was the final.
Ngo played the whole game and went 28/42 with 4 TD and 1 pick. The Colts defense didn't sack him at all. Hastings, Shiflet, Trahan, Guy, and Witt all caught TD passes.

The Rams kept their starters in all game. That is most likely how they had their 2nd half success.

Next up is the Denver Broncos to finish out pre season.

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Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/11/2018 3:25 am

The Rams finished pre season 4-0 by beating Denver 41-31 last night. They only hope their good fortunes continue in the Regular Season when the games count.

Denver out gained Los Angeles totaling up 504 yards. But the Denver QB threw 4 interceptions in the game and all but negated the yards they were running up.

The Los Angeles QB's Ngo and new backup Andrews played well, not throwing any interceptions. Ngo went 6/10 113 yards, 2 TD's, 138.75 rating. Andrews played phenomenal throwing 17/27, 285 yards, 3 TD's, 135.57 passer rating. Jager is not going to lose his roster spot but those numbers have to be considered with cuts coming this week, the Rams may take in 3 QB's. Jager is a pretty descent RB.
Frazier led receivers with 6 catches for 107 yards. Mc Kay 2/81 and a TD, Witt 3/62 1 TD, Trahan caught 4 passes for 42 yards but 3 were touchdowns. He has been a real nice addition to this team. He and Andrews looked really good so far.

On defense Lassiter had 2 picks, Cline 1, and Shaw had one. Shaw also led the team with 9 tackles. Nelson, Doi, and Lamont all had sacks.

Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/13/2018 12:04 pm

Tennessee made easy work of the Lamb......I mean Rams last night in Music City, Nashville 39-31 in a game that was not as close as it may seem looking at the final score.
Tennessee scored on 5 of their first 6 possessions and built a 23-3 lead before Ngo could get anything going. After Ngo threw his 1st TD pass of 2022 the Titans built their lead to 33-10 in the 3rd. The closest the Rams got was 36-31 but they couldn't recover either of the 2 on sides kicks they attempted.

The Titan offense had success on the ground and in the air. 144 rushing and 351 pass. The passing yards are going to happen when you face Letson, it's the ground attack doing so well that bothers me. Maybe I played pass a little too much? Or my defense regressed from what I thought had been improving? Who's to say? A loss is a loss. The Rams didn't pressure Letson much and the offense had 3 give aways and special teams had 1. Tennessee dominated the TOP 37:41 TO 22:20.

LA had 484 total yards from scrimmage, only 15 on the ground. Ngo 24/42, 428 yds., 2 TD's, 3 INT., He was sacked twice. Back up Scottie Andrews did his job well throwing 2 TD's.
Hastings 4/136; Trahan 6/116; Simmons 6/113 and 2 TD's.

On D Josh O'neil led with 8 tackles. LB Bruce Ho forced a fumble.

The Rams open up the home field next taking on Jacksonville 0-1. This Rams team has a tough time under any pressure. In pre season they get it done, for real, they haven't finished .500 yet in their history.

Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/19/2018 2:05 am

In what has been and hopefully will be the worst game of his career Russell Ngo was picked off 6 times, and S.F. beat L.A. 24-3 in San Francisco. Things have not been the same for the franchise QB ever since he was taken out by a Steeler defender in pre season last year. He just is not the same QB. The Rams are hoping this is rock bottom for the guy as we are 0-3 and already sinking.

Ngo was 25/54 passing for 383 yards, he was sacked 3 times for -19 yards, 0 TD, 6 Interceptions. Trahan was his main target that wore the same jersey catching 10/145, Simmons was 4/96. The ground game was not a factor.

On Defense Jacob McGraw led the d with 8 tackles. LB Cline had 8 tackles as well.

The team is 0-3 and goes to Dallas, Texas to play the Cowboys this week in the first of 4 games with the Big Bad NFC East teams. LA is going to have to beat some of these big football teams to have a chance for any kind of post season appearance.

Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/20/2018 6:39 pm

Ngo went 16/25 with 197 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT. and the Rams finally got into the W column beating the Cowboys in Dallas 20-13. Robert Gilbreath was 15/57 yards, Witt 5/73 1 touchdown, and Simmons 6/72 and a TD.

Setliff led the defense with 9 tackles, Norman Johnson had a sack. The Ram defense forced a bunch of fumbles and it was nice to see them hitting hard.

The season continues next vs Philadelphia who are playing really well, they have the top QB in the league and I don't think they have been tested at all this season. Hopefully the Rams can play up to the opponent and get the big win despite being 14 point underdogs.

We will see what happens.

Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/23/2018 11:43 am

The Rams have had a tough time with the Eagles, 0-3 all time. None of the games have been even close. This time it was 48-9. The LA Quarterbacks were sacked 12 times, Ngo ended up with a neck injury, and several other Rams were injured as well.

The Rams are giving up 450 yards from scrimmage per game (29th) and give up 3.2 turnovers per game, 2nd most. That there is not a winning formula so the team needs to look into ways of changing those stats.

The team comes home to take on SF 2-3 tonight. The Niners already beat the Rams in Week 3.
It's a big game for both teams as losing makes any hole already dug deeper.

Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/24/2018 10:06 pm

The L.A. inter division losing streak has been broken. The Rams played some good defense and beat San Francisco 27-12 last night here in Los Angeles. The win broke a losing streak that went back to 2020 Week 16.

Russel Ngo and the Ram offense gained 417 total yards, 64 on the ground and 353 passing. The QB Ngo ended up 18/25 241 yds. 3 TD, 1 INT. He was only sacked once. We need to let the big guys up front know how much we appreciate them with some Isotoner gloves just like Marino used to do. Trahan caught 4/170, TD. Witt had a good game 5/126 2 TD. RB Robert Gilbreath had 18 runs for 37, and Franke went 17/27.

On defense Perry had a big interception, WLB Bruce Ho forced a fumble and led the defense with 9 tackles, 1 sack.

The Rams are 2-3 now and tied for last place with S.F.

Re: Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

By ssid_27
2/27/2018 1:10 pm

Russell Ngo and Josef Jager rotated in to play the QB position last night in Chicago and it went as well as one could hope for,,,,No interceptions, no sacks, and a 28-20 win. Ngo went 13/16 287 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT. Jager 6/10 for 28 yards and a TD pass. Darrin Witt had an amazing game and looked like his former self catching 9 passes for 197 yards. Hopefully he can get back his ways and get this team into the playoffs. RB's Franke and Gilbreath were running with a sense of purpose. Franke 13/81 and Gilbreath 14/61 and a TD. The only problem was those two and Trahan each lost a fumble in consecutive drives in the 3rd Quarter. The Rams also had a missed FG in the 1st Quarter.

Shannon Lyons led the D with 7 tackles. Henry Perry had a great pick. Defensive linemen Jacob McGraw and Ty Salazar each had a sack of the Chicago QB.

One other defensive play that needs to be mentioned came on a kick return. Chicago's Alfred Prince split the seam and looked like he was going to the end zone when Boyd stepped in front of him and made the tackle. It turned out to be a big play and more than makes up for the missed FG.

The Rams now are headed up to Seattle to play the Seahawks. They have only beaten them once and it was the first time the two played.