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By Authorccurrier
3/01/2017 4:41 pm
The Official Team Page of the Washington Phoenix*
*Previously known as the Washington Redskins

Record Page

2017 - 13-3 1st Round Bye, Divisional Title, loss to New Orleans in Divisional Round

Stats Page

2017 Regular Season Stats:
40 PssTDs (2nd Highest Total in League)
16 INTs (23rd Highest Total in League)
4,829 PssYds (2nd Highest Total in League)
8.14 YPA (14th Highest Total in League)
15 RshTDs (6th Highest Total in League)
2,269 RshYds (9th Highest Total in League)
5.2 YPC (5th Highest Total in League)
14 DefINTs (20th Highest Total in League)
54 DefScks (12th Highest Total in League)
7,098 YdsScrm (2nd Highest Total in League)

Name -----------------Att Comp Pct Yds Yds/Att Sk/Yd TDs int Rat
Hubba Hubba Hubert 593 325 54.8 4,829 8.14 51/370 40 93 16 92.93

George "Hubba Hubba" Hubert finished the season with the 2nd most passing yards (4829; behind Josef Jaeger) and tied for most total touchdowns (41) with Frisco QB Josef Jaeger. He also threw 19 less INTs, with a season total of 16. He boasted a QB rating of 92.93. Hubba started all 16 games and led Washington to a playoff berth and a first round bye in the playoffs.

-------------Name Att Yds Avg Lng TDs
William Morales (RB) 134 707 5.3 30 3
Sumo Gong (RB) 137 694 5.1 19 7
RB3 (QB) 122 646 5.3 25 3
Michael Brown (RB) 40 195 4.9 13 1
George Hubert (QB) 23 23 1.0 10 1
Todd Deering (FB) 1 4 4.0 4 0

Joshua "Sumo" Gong, the 5'9", 217 lb. Rookie starting running back, and only Oriental-American on Washington's squad, was on pace for 1,388 rushing yards, 14 TDs, and 1,706 yards from scrimmage, improving his game greatly as the season wore on, before his season was cut short due to injury. It was left up to 3rd string change-of-pace runner William Morales to help shoulder the load in a duo backfield for the rest of the season. He eventually was relegated to being a permanent change-of-pace runner, while former Baylor Quarterback Robert Billings III, or RB3, took on the job of #1 runner until HIS season was cut short with a torn patellar tendon, then relegating the role to Michael Brown, who did a good job in the last couple of games.

---------Name ----------Rec Yds Drp Avg Lng TDs
John Woolbright (WR) 77 1,170 7 15.2 93 14
Glenn Reynolds (WR) 62 984 2 15.9 80 5
Kenneth Price (WR) 56 886 2 15.8 43 3
Kenneth Croft (WR) 38 603 1 15.9 58 3
David Hoefer (WR) 18 288 0 16.0 41 7
Edwin Logan (TE) 23 255 6 11.1 25 1
Sumo Gong (RB) 9 159 0 17.7 44 0
Walter Jones (TE) 12 155 0 12.9 34 1
Lawrence Rockwell (WR) 9 137 1 15.2 35 2
Robert Billings III (QB) 6 59 0 9.8 18 3
Anton Valencia (WR) 5 51 1 10.2 20 1
Michael Brown (RB) 4 43 0 10.8 14 0
William Morales (RB) 6 39 2 6.5 13 0

Rookies John Woolbright and Kenneth Price stole the show in Washington's inaugural year, finishing with admirable totals. Kenneth Price was one of the most dangerous return-men in the league, having the highest punt-return average among rookies and tied for the most punt return TDs (with Woolbright). Price took on the role of flanker/slot receiver at the start of the season, leading the team in receptions, yards, and touchdowns through the first 9 games, before he was injured and didn't get another start for the rest of the season. Woolbright finished as the team's deep-threat, becoming the favorite to win the "D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award" in the league's 1st Annual MFN-83 Awards. Glenn Reynolds, the veteran wideout from Auburn, also did a good job as one of rookie QB Hubert's favorite safety blankets.

Name------------------Tkls Sks MsdTkls ThrnAt KnkDn CthAlld INTs Yds INTAvg INTTDs
Nathan Mota (CB) 88 0 17 132 21 48 4 2.0 0.5 0
Alejandro Murphy (SS) 70 0 14 97 11 28 2 36.0 18.0 0
Travis Alfano (FS) 67 0 17 117 8 29 3 16.0 5.3 0
Freddie Batiste (CB) 63 0 8 104 13 32 2 23.0 11.5 0
Maurice Jordan (CB) 47 2 12 92 10 38 1 14.0 14.0 0
Thomas Cole (CB) 21 0 8 42 7 16 0 0.0 0.0 0
Charlie Lowe (CB) 18 1 3 23 3 8 0 0.0 0.0 0
Donald Smith (CB) 5 0 2 12 2 3 0 0.0 0.0 0

Freddy Batiste and Nathan Mota immediately stepped in to be one of the most potent 1-2 punches at CB in the league when playing together, and #3 CB/ Nickel Maurice Jordan also played very well. They were the primary culprits for limiting opponents to the 2nd lowest average completion percentage in the league at 51% while also allowing only allowing 24 passing TDs, all while playing from ahead for virtually the whole season and having the 4th most passing plays called by opponents. Safeties Alejandro Murphy and Travis Alfano also impressed in the inaugural season.

Name------------------Tkls Sks MsdTkls ThrnAt KnkDn CthAlld INTs Yds INTAvg INTTDs
Howard Wolf (WLB) 59 6 12 58 2 23 0 0.0 0.0 0
Gary Swanson (MLB) 53 3 11 69 9 19 2 2.0 1.0 0
Roberto Swanson (SLB) 44 0 4 51 4 16 0 0.0 0.0 0
Thomas Howard (MLB) 9 0 2 16 1 4 0 0.0 0.0 0
Terry Heck (SLB) 8 0 2 5 0 1 0 0.0 0.0 0
Neal Sweet (WLB) 1 0 1 4 1 2 0 0.0 0.0 0

In a crowded LB corps, Howard Wolf and Gary Swanson were able to shine, while Swanson's younger brother Roberto also managed to nab a starting spot. Virtually every LB is expected to continue improving their play in the future, and 59 tackles, 6 sacks, and 2 knocked down passes from WLB with 53 tackles, 3 sacks, 9 knocked down passes, and 2 interceptions from the MLB is a great way to start building a franchise.

Defensive Line
Name------------------Tkls Sks MsdTkls ThrnAt KnkDn CthAlld INTs Yds INTAvg INTTDs
Mike Gearhart (RDE) 35 22 8 6 2 2 0 0.0 0.0 0
Otis Cameron (DT) 28 8 12 3 1 1 0 0.0 0.0 0
Paul Tinker (LDE) 24 4 9 0 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0
William Lopez (DT) 24 4 13 0 2 0 0 0.0 0.0 0
Robert Corker (RDE) 3 1 3 3 1 2 0 0.0 0.0 0
David McBride (DT) 1 2 2 0 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0
Gerald Crabtree (RDE) 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0

The other reason that Washington's opponents completed only half of their passes is Mike Gearhart, and to a much smaller extent, Otis Cameron. Gearhart got 23 tackles for loss, as well as 22 sacks, and 2 knocked down passes, with many QB hurries in the process. Otis Cameron also managed to make a splash with 21 run tackles for loss, 8 sacks, and a knocked down pass. Aside from the two of them, Head Coach Willie Weinman stated that "Defensive line play has to improve. Tinker and Lopez were non-factors for most of the season, and if they are extended after next year, it will be as depth, not starters. They were outplayed by Gerald Crabtree." Needless to say, being outplayed by a washed-out veteran with only 20 plays on the season isn't a good sign for either Lopez's or Tinker (considered by many to be the team's biggest bust)'s careers.

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Re: The Washington Post

By Authorccurrier
3/07/2017 5:20 pm
Woolbright Sets New Washington Rookie Record With Progress
Midweek 10, 2017
By Jordan Reed

It's Wednesday, in Washington, and the 'Skins look posed for success. After going 8-1 in the first 9 weeks of the season, the Washington Redskins (soon to be Washington Phoenix, if the name change is approved by the league in the off-season) are finally ranked as a playoff team in the power rankings. While they've been listed as the no.2 seed for the NFC in the playoffs (behind the NFC West's San Francisco) for several weeks, only now have the official MFN Elementary School Parent Teacher's Association (also referred to as the MFN-PTA) power rankings shown the Redskins as a playoff team by moving their ranking from the mid teens to #11 overall.

A major headline this week is that John Woolbright, the rookie WR1 for the Redskins, has hit a milestone in his development and set a Redskins record for development by a rookie. He was originally drafted as a 52/80 WR in round 11 of the league's allocation draft. Since then, he has improved by +18/+10, setting the record for highest future rating improvement from a rookie, now hitting on the mark as a 70/90 rookie. His current rating development is 2nd on the team, behind stud rookie - and female fans' favorite - quarterback George "Hubba Hubba" Hubert, who has improved by +20/+0 in his rookie season.

Speaking of Hubba Hubba Hubert, he has passed the milestone of 2,500 passing yards and 20 touchdowns this season this past week, throwing for 325 yards and 4 touchdowns and snapping the New York Giants' 6 win streak, bringing the Giants' record to 6-3. Hubert's season totals are now 2,734 passing yards and 23 TDs, with only 9 INTs. The gunslinger, after struggling in the first 3 weeks of the season, is reminding the fans that Hubba Hubba was the first quarterback drafted in the league for more than just his dashingly handsome appearance.

Joshua Gong, another rookie foundation piece for the team, and the 'Skins' leading rusher, tore his anterior tibial on Sunday, and is expected to miss the rest of the regular season. The coaches won't place him on IR, but HC William Weinman and Backfield Coach Manuel Meade are both adamant that Gong is done for the remainder of the regular season, with the team all-but guaranteed a playoff spot. He finishes the season with 137 carries for 694 yards - a 5.1 yard average - and 7 TDs. He also has 9 catches for 159 yards, totaling for 853 yards from scrimmage and 7 TDs in 9 games.

In his wake, he leaves 5th year RB William Morales as the leader of the backfield. Morales has 5.9 YPC and 308 yards on the season. Also expected to see some work are 3rd string 2nd year QB Robert Billings (with 5.6 YPC and 289 rushing yards this season, as well as 2 rushing and 2 receiving TDS) and 2nd year 3rd string RB Michael Brown. Brown was surpassed by Morales on the depth chart after struggling through training camp and the preseason. He has 2 carries for -2 yards on the season.

Aside from Gong, notable injuries include WR Kenneth Price and TE Edwin Logan, who both are recovering from concussions and will probably both be active for the next game.
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Re: The Washington Post

By mwd65
3/07/2017 6:56 pm
I am keeping an eye on my "old" kicker, Joshua Sweet. I see he is now +5 for the season - sitting on the bench, yet!

McDuffie is trying to make the K decision tough on you for next year.

Re: The Washington Post

By Authorccurrier
3/07/2017 6:59 pm
mwd65 wrote:
I am keeping an eye on my "old" kicker, Joshua Sweet. I see he is now +5 for the season - sitting on the bench, yet!

McDuffie is trying to make the K decision tough on you for next year.

Oh, no worries, Sweet will be the starter next year. I'm just letting McDuffie's higher current ratings play a part for now, but he's actually on a sort of "prove it" deal every game. Once he struggles, Sweet's gonna be a "sweet" starter on my team.

Washington Clinches Close Victory, Sets All-Time Record Versus Rival Eagles to 1-0
Midweek 12, 2017
By DeSean Jackson

Another Wednesday in Washington, and the Redskins (I mean Phoenix) are well on their way to the playoffs. Mathematically, Washington hasn't secured a playoff berth, but the team figures to at least have a wild card spot, sitting at 10-1, with a divisional title and one of the top 2 playoff seeds in their sights.

This last game was a dramatic one, especially for me, as a spectator. It was like watching my children get into a close fight, and while I give a nod to my first NFL team, the Eagles, the Redskins managed to win against tough competition this past week. It was a dramatic back-and-forth fight, finally ending on the 'Skins' second possession in overtime, when Marcus "McDoofie", the team's kicker, finally played well and managed to get one through the uprights.

Philly opened up the scoring about halfway through the first quarter, with a touchdown dash by Paul Wren. Exactly three minutes later, George "Hubba Hubba" Hubert responded by throwing a dart to speedy second string tight end Walter Jones, who ran it the rest of the way into the end-zone. Both teams got another TD, ending the 1st Quarter with a score of 14-14. At half-time, Philly had pulled ahead, 21-17, but Washington responded with 14 points in the 3rd frame, pushing the game to 21-31. In the fourth, Philly got back into the game when Craig Amos threw a 48 yard touchdown to #1 wideout Loren Satterfield. McDuffie managed to kick a field goal and stretch the game again to 27-34, with Washington all but expecting a victory. Then, on fourth and six, with 56 seconds remaining, Craig Amos threw a nice pass to Satterfield, who took the ball 76 yards to the house. The game was tied! Hubba Hubba Hubert had a chance to end the game then and there, but the next three plays resulted in a loss of 26 yards, ending the fourth quarter. Overtime began, and it was a back-and-forth battle, with the defenses refusing to give up ground.

The Eagles won the overtime toss, but after getting stopped around midfield, were forced to punt to our heroes. They took it from their own 13 to their 44, but then a costly fumble and a decent recovery gave the Eagles the ball at Washington's own 31 yard line, a sure fire way for Philly to end the game with either a touchdown or a field goal. Then, a miracle happened, and Mike Gearhart, the team's veteran RDE, forced a fumble which was recovered by MLB top dog Gary Swanson. The teams both had three possessions in overtime, and with less than a minute to go, it seemed that the game would end in a tie, effectively ruining Washington's hot win streak. It was McDoofie, er, McDuffie, though, who went 3/3 on field goals and nailed the game winning 49 yarder. All three of his field goals came between 40 and 51 yards, which was where he is most inaccurate, but he pulled through, giving the team a tough victory.

In other news, Hubba Hubba Hubert passed for 379 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions, airing past the 3,000 passing yards mark and tying for the league lead with 28 TDs. Washington is tied for first in the league with 2.6 passing TDs per game, and second with 443 yards from scrimmage per game. The quarterback that Hubba Hubba is tied with, Josef Jaeger, of the San Francisco 49ers, had thrown for twice as many interception, making Hubert's play that much more impressive.

The team missed Joshua "Sumo" Gong, the team's #1 rusher, and the first Oriental American to play for Washington. The 5'9", 217 pound rookie was a reliable force between the tackles, as well as on the perimeter, and improved as the season wore on. William Morales, the player who has replaced Gong to this point, is a lightning fast back, with great strength, as well, but his lack of burst makes him a more boom-or-bust player, consistently netting a barely usable amount of yards, before ripping off a long run. His high ceiling is a large part of why the coaches love him, but his low floor has let the team down at times. He fumbled once in the most recent contest, and had a low output despite a respectable amount of carries, failing in his duties during the four-minute drill to wind down the clock. He suffered a minor hand injury in the contest, leaving the RB duties to the duo of Michael Brown and Robert Billings.

Edwin Logan came on strong during the contest. After struggling with concussion issues for the middle portion of the season, he was one of the team's leading receivers in the Philly game, as well as beforehand. He currently has 14 catches for 165 yards and a TD in five starts. Walter Jones, the second TE on the roster, has 12 catches for 155 yards and a TD in 2 starts and 11 games total. Both made clutch plays against the Eagles.

Glenn Reynolds, the veteran receiver out of Auburn, has now surpassed his preseason production in nearly three times as many games. He was huge in the preseason, netting 26 catches for 530 yards and 4 TDs in four games (averaging a 7-133-1 stat line, rounding up) now has 37 catches for 580 yards and 2 touchdowns on the regular season.

When questioned as to how Washington was preparing for this week's game against the rival New York Giants, HC William Weinman said, "We're looking at tape, game planning, and practicing hard. We're focusing on our future, but we're also focusing on the present, now that we're nearly locked into the playoffs. We need to stay healthy, and Hubba Hubba needs to visit with his female fans less and visit with the accuracy drills more, get his game to its prime. We can't have him break down like he did last week against Green Bay. He was fine enough in not making mistakes against Philadelphia, but he still did less that I would've like as far as accuracy was concerned." Weinman, is, of course, referring to the team's close victory over the at-the-time 2-8 Packers, in which Hubert threw for less than 200 yards, 2 TDs, and an INT. This could hardly be called a break-down, but Weinman wants a winning team, and he wants it badly.

Finally, RT/LG William Martinez is expected to miss the rest of the season with an ankle injury. When questioned on this, he just said, "It hurt, man. I be screaming in pain, and my teammates be looking at me funny, till they saw that I was hurting. I gotta think about my future. My future. I gotta get healthy, and not be tripping all over myself. The injury is "wratchet," but I can get better. Just do what my momma and my coach says, and I be fine. Been bouncing around thoughts bout retirement, and my plans there, but I'm not saying nothing for sure yet. I just gotta get better, maybe win a Super Bowl."

That's it for this edition of The Washington Post. D-Jax out.
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Re: The Washington Post

By Authorccurrier
3/08/2017 6:08 pm
Batiste, Gearhart Lead Team to Victory Over New York, Sweeps Giants
Midweek 13, 2017
By Jordan Reed

The season series against the New York Giants officially ended Sunday, and the Redskins managed to get a sweep of their divisional rival. The game ended 31-10, or what one may call a "blowout" win. After scoring with a touchdown and a field goal in the first half, New York was shut out for the remainder of the game.

The defensive effort was led by CB Freddy Batiste and RDE Mike Gearhart. In a game that saw the secondary do the majority of the heavy lifting, Mike Gearhart, who has been a breakout performer, especially as the season has continued, got three sacks and 2 run tackles for loss. All of the top 5 tacklers were members of the secondary, with CB2 Nathan Mota getting 3 tackles, FS Travis Alfano getting 4, and SS Alejandro Murphy and CB3 Maurice Jordan also notching 4 tackles. Jordan also had a pass defense. Freddy Batiste, who struggled with injuries and consistency at the start of the season, has finally started to live up to his billing as the 2nd round pick by Washington in the league's allocation draft. He led the team (nearly winning the game singlehandedly) with 10 tackles and 4 passes defensed.

On the offensive side of the ball, George "Hubba Hubba" Hubert paved the way again, throwing for 383 yards, 4 TDs, and 1 INT while posting a 121.49 QB rating. He now has thrown for 32 TDs, which leads the league, and only 11 INTs. He has also thrown for 3,682 yards with a 99.13 passer rating. Head coach Willie Weinman called Hubert the "most prolific rookie passer in the league," a happy bit of bias that many coaches around the league would actually agree with. The league leader in passing, San Francisco's Josef Jaeger, has thrown for 4,985 yards already, with a 60% completion percentage, but has also thrown for one less touchdown than Hubert, while also throwing for sixteen more interceptions. Yes, Jaeger has thrown for a league-leading 27 INTs. The only other QB with higher passing totals than Hubert is Gregory Wells of Detroit, who isn't a rookie and also has a pedestrian 82.68 QBR. A case could be made for L.A.'s Russell Ngo, but Ngo has thrown for 13 less TDs, over 400 less yards, and with a lower yards per attempt figure than Hubert. If one argues that Ngo hasn't had the opportunity that Hubert has, the counter could be that Hubert has thrown for 13 more TDs and 400 more yards on only 23 more attempts.

TE Edwin Logan is continuing to show increasing chemistry with the rookie, and reeled in 5 catches for 64 yards, but dropped a pair of perfectly placed passes. WR John Woolbright had only two receptions, but he took them for 75 yards and a TD. Glenn Reynolds led the team in receiving with a 5-138-1 stat line. He nearly took a long reception for another touchdown, but he was tackled at the opposing team's ten yard line.

The game wasn't all passing. Washington also racked up 191 rushing yards with over 5 yards per carry, led by 3rd string QB/RB Robert Billings III, a 2nd year out of Baylor. RB3 ran for 165 yards on 29 attempts, with a 5.69 average. Michael Brown, who previously had a negative yardage total on his two attempts for the season, had 3 carries for 23 yards, and his worst run went for 6 yards. William Morales, the #2 RB who was banged up with a hand injury, took his lone carry for 3 yards. Hubba Hubba Hubert also had 3 "carries" while in victory formation at the end of the game, which netted 0 yards.

Coming up is an easy looking matchup with New England, who has a 3-9 record on the year.

Re: The Washington Post

By Authorccurrier
3/13/2017 5:30 pm
Washington Suffers Heartbreaking Defeat at the Hands of the Jets a Week After Annihilating Pats
Midweek 15, 2017
By Fat Rob Kelley

Washington just lost. It dropped its first loss since losing to the underwhelming Dallas Cowgirls in week 4. When facing the powerful Minnesota Vikings, the Redskins rolled over. Most of the loss can be placed on gameplanning, but a small portion of it can be placed on a few of the players' shoulders. First of all, despite gameplanning against the Vikings' run game, they ran all over Washington. A lack of legitimate run-stuffers on the defensive line can also be a cause, as well as the plays called by the coaching staff. Much of the defeat rests on their shoulders. They ran on numerous third-and-longs, after passing on early downs. They also called absolutely atrocious defensive lineups and personnel packages. Another bit of blame can be placed on William Morales. While the RB finished the game with 5.6 YPC for 74 rushing yards, there were at least two instances where the running back stood behind a blocker downfield, refusing to move.

The whole coaching staff is on edge after this loss. With a game against the formidable New Jersey Jets coming up, the fan base - and some of the players - are questioning whether or not the Redskins can win.

Perhaps this can be seen as Dharma. Only a week ago, the Redskins beat down on the New England Patriots, 49-7. Two weeks ago, they finished a sweep of the Giants, causing their fourth loss in a row. They were the team to start the Giants' 6 loss streak, as well, starting a downward spiral from week 8 on to the rest of the season. The Giants fell from 6-2 to 6-8.

Hubba Hubba Hubert struggled with completion percentage, completing less than half of his attempts. He did manage to get 3 touchdowns to just 1 interception, and still leads the league with 38 TDs.

In other news, Baylor QB and 3rd stringer RB3 (a.k.a. Robert Billings the Third) has been confirmed to be out for the rest of the regular season. RB3 finished the season with 121 carries for 637 yards, with a 5.3 average, and 3 rushing TDs. He also has 6 catches for 59 yards, and 3 receiving TDs. He had 0 drops.

This is particularly disconcerting, because the coaches aren't certain if Morales can handle a full workload. Sumo Gong, RB3, and Michael Brown have all been consistent 5 YPC RBs, and while Morales has 120 carries for 640 yards, also a 5.3 average, his carries consistently net either 2 yards or 8 yards. He's a great third down runner, with improving pass-blocking and a fast, blitzing running style with great strength and break-tackle, but his lack of agility and stop-start shiftiness as well as a lack of true receiving skill limits his ability to be a workhorse. From my draft class, Morales reminds me of Keith Marshall. A very fast, very strong runner, with lots of athleticism and aggressiveness, but somewhat raw. Michael Brown doesn't have the same athleticism, but his better acceleration and consistency throughout his workload this season (with a low of 3 yards and a high of only 12) fits the scheme a bit better as a chain-mover who also can pass-protect and catch a bit, even if he is a little hesitant in traffic when receiving.

All of this drama at RB will be cleared up once Joshua "Sumo" Gong finally gets healthy. The team is 12-2, and has clinched the division, meaning that Sumo will get a chance to carry the workload in the postseason. Right now, the team is fighting tooth and nail for a 1st round bye.

Expect more news after the game against the Jets.
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Re: The Washington Post

By Ole_from_MN
3/13/2017 9:44 pm
Authorccurrier wrote:
Washington Suffers Heartbreaking Defeat at the Hands of the Jets a Week After Annihilating Pats
Midweek 15, 2017
By Fat Rob Kelley

Washington just lost. It dropped its first loss since losing to the underwhelming Dallas Cowgirls in week 4. When facing the powerful Minnesota Vikings, the Redskins rolled over. Most of the loss can be placed on gameplanning, but a small portion of it can be placed on a few of the players' shoulders. First of all, despite gameplanning against the Vikings' run game, they ran all over Washington. A lack of legitimate run-stuffers on the defensive line can also be a cause, as well as the plays called by the coaching staff. Much of the defeat rests on their shoulders. They ran on numerous third-and-longs, after passing on early downs. They also called absolutely atrocious defensive lineups and personnel packages. Another bit of blame can be placed on William Morales. While the RB finished the game with 5.6 YPC for 74 rushing yards, there were at least two instances where the running back stood behind a blocker downfield,

Perhaps the game simulates the sour taste a bitter defeat to the lowly Bears the prior week provided. I'm shocked we won. This Vikings team is like a box of chocolates I guess. Hopefully the injury bug stays away!

Good game!
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Re: The Washington Post

By ssid_27
3/14/2017 12:25 am
How are the fans and management handling things? You never know these days in pro sports, some coaches can be one loss from unemployment?

Re: The Washington Post

By Authorccurrier
3/14/2017 11:09 am
All of the questions were answered in an updated version of the post above.

Re: The Washington Post/League Awards

By Authorccurrier
3/18/2017 3:30 pm
Washington Clinches 1st Round Bye, Gets Nominated for Multiple Awards, All-Star and All-Rookie Teams are Released
Wild Card Game, 2017
By Jordan Reed

As the playoffs loom, and the Wild Card round gets ready to kick into gear, most teams are either stressing and gameplanning for the playoff matchups this week, or planning for the draft.

Not Washington.

The unofficially re-named Washington Phoenix is taking time to rest, and get healthy. They beat Seattle this week, 16-13, to gain a bye week, edging New Orleans out of the comfortable 2nd seed that Washington had for most of the season, before gaining the 1st overall seed in week 12, and then losing it in week 14, and losing a first round bye in week 15 after their second and third losses of the season.

Washington is "Confident in [our] chances to make a championship run, do some great damage, maybe teach Jaeger who the real #1 quarterback is," stated an "Anonymous" player on the team. Other players, however, are less confident.

"I'm just hoping I'll be healthy enough to get out there and play," said Kenneth Price in a team press conference on Wednesday. "Sumo and I, Big John [Biondi], Edwin [Logan], even RB3, we're a big part of the team, the offense and its identity, and we've all just been rehabbing together. We're hoping that we can make it back. We already know Mikey [Brown] won't be able to make it, and it's not likely that Martinez or Sanborn are gonna be good to go, either. We can't take any more losses. We just need to take this week to rest and get healthy, it's a real blessing, it is."

On defense, RDE Mike Gearhart, FS Travis Alfano, and LDE Paul Tinker are all recuperating from their various injuries. It appears that the dinged-up team truly is in a lucky situation to be able to rest for a week.

In other news, the 1st Annual MFN-83 League Awards Voting has begun. The awards included in this year are the League MVP, OPOY, DPOY, OROY, DROY, Tyron Smith Tough As Lead Offensive Line Award, Most Productive Front Seven Award, D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award, and the Beastmode Backfield Award.

For League MVP, Hubba Hubba Hubert is currently the favorite to win, with early polls showing 46.7% of the votes going his way, while the other four candidates are tied at 13.3% of the votes.

Hubert is in last place for the Offensive Player of the Year Award, with 13% of the votes (presumably from those that didn't vote for him for MVP). San Francisco Receiver Nicholas "Shifty" Shiflet is currently the favorite for that award, with Nickolas "Gimme" Moore and San Francisco QB Josef Jaeger in a tie at second.

For Defensive Player of the Year, Tampa Bay CB Patrick Dunaway is in 1st in the early polls, followed by San Francisco defensive end and league sack-leader Frank Lovett, with Panthers Strong Safety Charlie Weiss in third.

Hubba Hubba Hubert is the overwhelming favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year, with 66.7% of the votes. If he were to win MVP, and OROY, he would have to split the latter award with whoever is next in the voting; so far, that's Keith Quayle, a WR/RB hybrid that plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Defensive Rookie of the Year is a close, exciting race, with Seattle Seahawks QB Maurice "New Night Train" Lane tied with DT and teammate Gary "Brick" Parsons for 1st place. Maurice Holiday, a Philadelphia Eagles MLB, is sitting right behind the tie in the voting, with Detroit defensive back Josh Foster bringing up the rear.

The Tyron Smith Tough As Lead Offensive Line Award, in which the greatest offensive line is picked, sees the 49ers, with the lowest sack rate (despite leading the league in attempts) out of all of the nominated offensive lines, in 1st place. Next is Washington, which leads the group in yards per carry and also has the 2nd most All-Stars and tied for most All-Rookies. Third is Philadelphia, a team with a well-rounded line that boasts the 2nd lowest sack rate and a respectable 4.5 YPC, as well as an All-Rookie. The Miami Dolphins are in fourth, with the highest sack rate and lowest YPC out of the group, but the most All-Pros and tied for most All-Rookies. Finally, the New York/Jersey Jets are in last with the 3rd lowest sack rate and 3rd highest yards per carry.

The Eagles are the favorite to win the Most Productive Front Seven Award (102 LB/DL Sacks 7 LB/DL knocked down passes, 4 LB/DL interceptions, and only 2.4 yards per carry allowed), followed by the 49ers (86 front-seven sacks, 28 knocked down passes, 8 interceptions, 4.1 YPC allowed) and the Kansas City Chiefs (70 sacks, 14 knocked down passes, 2 interceptions, and 3.0 YPC allowed).

For the D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award, given to the league's biggest playmaker, Washington Phoenix Rookie "Little John" Woolbright has a narrow lead over Jacksonville RB Charles Harris, Kansas City Receiver John Stephenson, and Jets RB Frederick Schott.

The Beastmode Backfield Award, given to the most potent backfield in the league, features a tight race between the 6 teams nominated. The top two in the early polls, however, are the Jets and the Saints, followed by the Texans, Chiefs, Phoenix, and Vikings.

The All-Star Offense and All-Rookie Offense rosters have been released. Washington boasts a good amount of players on both! Hubba Hubba Hubert is on the All-Star 2nd Team, and is the QB for the All-Rookie Team, due to 41 total TDs (tied for most in the league) and being 2nd in league passing yards. Center Marc Jackson made the All-Star roster, starting all 16 games, with 0 penalties and allowing only 4 sacks. Right Guard Steven Adams also is an All-Star, playing in 14 games, starting 13, having 8 penalties, allowing only 2 sacks, forcing 2 fumbles on special teams, and recovering 2 fumbles. WR Kenneth Price joins LT Frank Fernandez (10 starts, 16 games, 5 penalties, and 10 sacks, while also flashing extreme talent) and Hubba Hubba on the All-Rookie roster with 1,719 total yards and 4 TDs in only 9 starts. He led all rookies in punt-return average and PR touchdowns. In all, Washington has 2 All-Stars, 1 All-Star Second Teamer (so far), and 3 All-Rookies.

Washington can take this week to soak in all of the positives from the Awards and All-Star Teams, because they have a bye week.

A hard-earned bye week.

-Jordan Reed