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Cleveland News

By Chiwaruchk
3/06/2017 10:25 am
A difficult road trip ends on a good note!

The Cleveland fans have been deprived of football for a month. While next game will take place at Cleveland Stadium on November 19th, the last team's game there took place on October 15th, in what was the lowest scoring game of the season in AFC North (9-3 Win against Baltimore). During that span, the team travelled to Indianapolis (L 17-21), San Diego (L 18-25), Kansas City (L 15-27) and Arizona (W 17-0).

Indianapolis saw the the home team overcome a 14pt deficit in the last quarter and a half to get the winning TD at the 1:18 mark on the clock.

The next game, in San Diego, showed the team's lack of discipline and lack of efficiency in the red zone that ended up costing the game (7 penalties for 55 yards, 2 TD/1 FG for 5 visits).

Kansas City's game ended up being a puzzle. The pass defense allowing 3 TDs but keeping the QB under 50% and even picking him up 6 times, one for a TD. Again, penalties weighed too much (8 for 75 yards) and the offense didn't perform well enough (average starting position: OWN 39, offense scoring: 9).

The light came out in the last game of the road trip: Arizona. The players all decided to show up for good and the shutout that followed showed their good performance. Only 5 first downs and 150yds allowed, a leading rusher with 150yds on 23 carries, 8 runs over 10yds and a QB at 66.6% accuracy. Good sign leading up to a good matchup home against Oakland (7-4).

The last 5 games will be decisive in the outcome of a very dense AFC North where Cincinnati (4-7) could still end up winning the division. Cleveland will have to take advantage of its good defense (173pts allowed - 7th in the NFL, +10 turnover margin - 2nd in the NFL) and step up the pace on the other side of the ball.

Re: Cleveland News

By Chiwaruchk
3/13/2017 11:10 am
Already time for the season report

An awful defeat against New Jersey (and yet another 14pt lead annihilated in a little more than a quarter) led to the elimination from the playoffs race for Cleveland.

The last two games will be the occasion to try to groom a couple (2 or 3) of players that look promising but did not get as much playing time as they could have hoped for. If the pattern continues, we'll be losing against Cincinnati and win against Los Angeles (1 more defeat between each wins).

Even with the early elimination, there's much to be happy with that very young team (3 years of experience on average, youngest in the league? I didn't check).

Two young QBs with a 59% completion rate led the league in least interceptions thrown. The secondary added their own quality to take the second place in interceptions and fifth in opposing QBs completion rate. Overall, the team is first on the turnover margin.

Six players have been chosen by the Front Office to be cut before the next season. Fourteen others have already been identified as being offered a contract prolongation, but more will be in that case.

The defense (7th in points allowed) will be the cornerstone of the franchise. The draft needs have been identified and the next season has already started in Cleveland.

Re: Cleveland News

By Booger926
3/14/2017 1:32 pm
It's a shame that you're giving up on the season. I was hoping that we could develop a real Rust Belt Rivalry. Besides, the winner of our game late in the season has bragging rights as to who would have the best Interdivisional Record.

Re: Cleveland News

By Chiwaruchk
3/14/2017 2:10 pm
Oh don't get me wrong, I hate to lose (especially to the Bengals, as a real Browns fan) so I'll be setting a competitive team for our match-up. No "star" will sit unless injured. I just adapted the depth chart a little bit to get some good young players a bit more snaps.
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