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LA season (7-9)

By ssid_27
3/18/2017 11:29 pm
The Rams feel as though they came up short on their goals this season. At (7-9), good enough for second place in the NFC West, it was not good enough to get into the Playoffs. The Rams will be looking to improve on the defensive side of the football this off season.
CB Atherton was the teams leading defender with 110 tackles. RDE Nelson had 10 sacks with RDE Brown coming up with 7. LDE Lundstrom with 6, DT Lamont 5, MLB Price 3, DT Horton 3, and 3 others with 1. All totaling up to 2.6 sacks per game. The defensive coaches would like to see improvement on that number.
The Rams were +6 overall turnover margin.
QB Ngo ended up 313 for 536, 58.4% completions for 4,338 yards. He had 24 TD's and 11 picks and was sacked 62 times. His overall QB rating was 90.84.
With Ngo and his talented receivers, the LA offence is as good as any other in the league. Only time will tell.