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League Hall of Awards

By Authorccurrier
6/03/2017 11:23 am


MVP: George "Hubba Hubba" Hubert, QB, Washington Phoenix

OPOY: Nicholas "Shifty" Shiflet, WR, San Francisco 49ers

DPOY: Patrick Dunaway, CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Frank Lovett, RDE, San Francisco 49ers

OROY: George "Hubba Hubba" Hubert, QB, Washington Phoenix, and David Murch, WR, San Francisco 49ers

DROY: Maurice "New Night Train" Lane, CB, Seattle Seahawks

D-Jax Most Dangerous Player: John Woolbright, WR, Washington Phoenix

Tyron Smith Tough As Lead Offensive Line: San Francisco 49ers

Beastmode Backfield: New Orleans Saints

Most Productive Front Seven: Philadelphia Eagles


MVP: Gregory Wells, QB, Detroit Lions

OPOY: George "Hubba Hubba" Hubert, QB, Washington Phoenix

DPOY: Shayne Roberts, CB, Dallas Cowboys

OROY: Curtis Franks, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

DROY: Timothy Zimmerman, DT, Washington Phoenix

D-Jax Most Dangerous Player Award: Kenneth Price, WR, Washington Phoenix

Tyron Smith Tough As Lead Offensive Line: Minnesota Vikings

Most Productive Front Seven: Dallas Cowboys

Coach of the Year: Patrick Ali, Dallas

Cheerleader of the Year: Kevin Bays, FB, Buffalo
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League Hall of Awards

By Authorccurrier
6/09/2017 11:02 am

2017 NFC ALL-STAR OFFENSE (Booger926):

QB: Josef Jaeger, San Francisco 49ers

RB: Joshua Held, Minnesota

RB: Tyrone Bloom, New Orleans

FB: George Mason, Seattle

TE: Lee Lee, Tampa Bay

TE: Tomas Castillo, Minnesota

WR: Nicholas Shiflet, San Francisco

WR: Kenneth Schmitz, Detroit

WR: Bobby Carver, Carolina

C: Marc Jackson, Washington

C: Christopher Rother, Detroit

LG: Aurelio Wilmot, Carolina

LG: Jason Collier, Minnesota

RG: Steven Adams, Washington

RG: Rick Woodward, San Francisco

LT: Jay Vang, Carolina

LT: Matthew Parr, Minnesota

RT: Michael Armstrong, Dallas

RT: Conrad Walker, Chicago

2017 NFC ALL-STAR SPECIAL TEAMS (Booger926 and Authorccurrier):

P: James Fowler, Los Angeles

K: Thomas Walker, New Orleans

PR: Leonard Malcom, New York

KR: Phillip Wright, Dallas

2018 to be added soon...