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2022 Regular Season

By ssid_27
2/12/2018 11:04 am
My how time flies. Here we are in 2022 already. Just seeing that number has to give one a feeling we are living in the future. There are some new owners in the league and only 2 ( I think) AI controlled teams in New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons. Seattle has a new owner with Pernbronze taking a break, Baltimore, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and Washington all have new ownership. Good Luck to all the new owners in the league. This league has been a good one but it has some clear cut teams that have risen to the top. Kansas City has dominated the AFC, going to the Championship all but one season. New England has been a really tough team and whoever can stop their running attack, my hat's off to you. Oakland has top players to challenge for the Conference. Tennessee has Letson. You can't count him out. The Ohio teams...will they rise to the top? What about the Denver team? Can they come out of a very good division and make a run to the Championships? We will see..

In the NFC it's been 2 teams all the way Seattle and Philadelphia. New Orleans has been right there on the cusp as has Washington. San Francisco and Arizona are really good and I expect they are even better this season. I believe the National West is the best division in the league top to bottom. I say that because my Rams are an excellent team and we take last annually.

Good Luck to all the veteran owners, who have made this league a really fun one to compete in. Good Luck to the rookie owners as well. I hope the final results are not decided by the referees, or the injury bug. May the best team Win!!!!!!!!