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2017 All-AFC West Team

By Authorccurrier
3/21/2017 1:28 pm
2017 All-AFC West Team
*Descriptions to be added later


QB: Michael Harris, QB, Kansas City

RB: Nickolas "Gimme" Moore, RB, Kansas City

FB: Richard Lee, FB, San Diego

TE: Lloyd Cameron, TE, Oakland

WR1/X: William Martin, WR, Kansas City

WR2/Z: Jeff Pannell, WR, Oakland

WR3/Y: Michael Allen, WR, San Diego

LT: Stephen Lewis, LT, Oakland

LG: James Denison, LG, Denver

C: Alexander Torres, C, Denver

RG: Myron Gray, RG, Denver

RT: Joe Franz, RT, Denver


LDE: Andy Haffner, LDE, San Diego

DT: Joseph Cable, DT, Oakland

4-3 DT2: Dan Rapier, DT, Kansas City

RDE: Woodrow McDonnell, RDE, Kansas City

WLB: James Pendergrass, WLB, Kansas City

MLB: John Grigsby, MLB, San Diego

3-4 IBL2: Ronald Rivas, MLB, Oakland

SLB: Steven Felts, SLB, Oakland

CB1: Wilbert Lane, CB, Oakland

CB2: Richard Clement, CB, Kansas City

CB3: Lee Mauk, CB, Denver

SS: Daniel Robertson, SS, Oakland

FS: Dennis Scarborough, FS, Kansas City

Special Teams

K: Josef Withers, K, Kansas City

P: George Gray, P, Oakland

KR: Nathan Dailey, RB, Kansas City

PR: Jeff Pannell, WR, Oakland

Kansas City: 10 players
San Diego: 3 players
Denver: 5 players
Oakland: 9 players